You know how when you’re going away you have all these things to do prior to going?  I feel that way today.  I’m trying to make sure there’s enough food for those left behind.  I’m washing everyone’s sheets for some reason, I have to wash my own clothes to wear to the LAX game tonight too, my warmest outfit needs washed (I wore it horseback riding).  The temps tonight are going to be in the teens with wind chills.  Can you believe it?  I mean CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  And you know I wouldn’t care so much if I could just stay home in front of the fire and watch Grey’s Anatomy, but nooooooo I’m traveling an hour + to go to Zenah’s game, to sit out in the cold and possibly keep score for these poor little girls who are going to be so cold they won’t know what hit them.  I think they should cancel the game.  I think we should all just stay home.  Thank GOD there’s no rain in the forecast or we would be staying off the black ice.  I guess one reason it is going to be so cold is that it is clear.  I don’t know, these weather people are all nutty.  I just know it’s cold.  BUT it will be warm on the weekend so just one day of this cold.  Honestly it feels a bit refreshing out there.  If I had more time I’d get some yard work/planting done.  It’s time for spring planting you know and I’ve already bought some flowers to put in the pots.  But I don’t think it’s in the cards for today.  We’ll see.  I think we have to cover plants tonight.  I’ve already brought in my jade tree.

I took the car to my regular oil change place and they’re closed.  I bet it’s too cold for them.  I could take it in the morning but it’s still going to be cold tomorrow too.  I guess it can wait until next week. See what I mean?  My head is spinning with what needs done.  Meanwhile I’m only going to be gone overnight. Know what I mean?  Something is wrong with me.

And now I’m not sure what to do with myself.  Should I start something here?  Should I plant the flowers?  Should I go find another place for the oil change?  Should I pack for tomorrow..  Hmmm, I think I’ll pack then plant, then get the girl, then see maybe then I’ll get the oil changed.

I need a personal assistant.

Have a nice weekend everyone…STAY WARM



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