I remember Mary DeNiro saying “nothing like having company to get your house cleaned”. Ain’t it the truth? I got up at the crack of dawn, beautiful sun shining, birds chirping, a lovely lovely spring day in Florida and I started with the cleaning. It’s 10:38 p.m and I’m finally done cleaning. I think I did 16 loads of laundry, cleaned the hall floor TWICE and actually never even made it upstairs to clean. However, I also got a mammogram, my knees x-rayed, an oil change and my car washed, took Zenah to practice, picked her up, went to the grocery store 3 times. I should sleep good tonight…should.

Jimbo comes tomorrow. I’m nervous about his plane taking off because of the stupid cold. I think it’s going to be -1 tomorrow morning in Columbus. The trouble is he’s on that Allegiant Air and they only fly one flight a day to Tampa. If it doesn’t take off that’s it I guess. Well, I trust it’s all going to go well. Zachary doesn’t come until Sunday. We won’t be cleaning again. The truth is neither kid cares if there are dust balls in the corner, or dog hair. They grew up with dog hair so to them it’s just a way of life. But there’s just something about company that makes you clean, clean, clean. And I’m grateful, on many levels.

In other news, running thru Publix the meat man noticed me, in my shorts, with firewood in the buggy. He commented “only in Florida do you see someone in shorts buying firewood”. HA! Another Ain’t it the truth? I was getting my oil changed today when my sister called. I went outside to talk to her, with my t-shirt (no jacket), the sun was behind clouds and I was freezing. My sister said I had no idea what freezing meant. Ain’t it the truth? The temperature has been really hard to dress for. When the sun is out it’s hot. I mean it feels really good, the air is “chill” and the sun is hot. But when that sun is behind clouds, or behind fog as has been the past couple of days, it gets cold. So the jacket is off, and on, and off. You’re in shorts buying firewood. What can I say?

Tomorrow morning I go to hospice training and have to cut out early to go pick up Jimmy. I missed last week too due to surprise Island weekend. They said it’s no problem and that I can make up the missed days. I hope they’re not kidding. This weekend is going to be really busy. Jimmy comes in at 12:30 Zenah gets out of school 2:00, we both go to the LAX game around 5:00, I’m keeping score tomorrow night, Jorden has an 8 a.m. game on Saturday at a field an hour away, if he wins they play again, we are praying for a loss, Zenah wants to go to the mall Saturday afternoon and then to her friends in Safety Harbor, Sunday she has TWO Lax games (I’m not volunteering for either of them), and somehow I have to fit in Jimmy. Then Zachary comes in Sunday at 5:45. I’m cooking dinner for 8-10 people Sunday night. I mean BUSY. So I will take this opportunity to say have a good weekend.

I hope to check in on Monday with pictures. Wish me luck getting all the kids together. I think it’s going to be fuuunnnnnn!!!!

Have a nice weekend,


4 Thoughts on “Ain’t it the truth…

  1. Scott monahan on February 26, 2015 at 11:14 pm said:

    Have a blast with your boys!

  2. Jennifer Nugent on February 27, 2015 at 10:44 am said:

    So I’m sitting on an insanely boring conference call “How are we going to program the OAM VRF” – “The HSS configuration database will need to be updated” I know about half of what that means. SO, I decided to catch up on your blog … Have a great time getting the kids together!!!! I look forward to the pics. And what’s up with all the lax games you’re attending? Pat’s and Anna’s spring seasons both start in about 10 days and there is still snow and ice on the ground


    Jennababe 🙂

    ps…i just asked if the new “SIMS were burned with the new Ki values” hahahahaha I guess I can hang with the engineering guys….

  3. sandy krentz on February 27, 2015 at 2:22 pm said:

    Hope you have a fun ” Brady bunch” weekend..Can’t wait for pictures.

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