In about an hour I’ll take Zachary to the airport. Right now he’s playing the piano. I think I’ve mentioned before how much I’ve missed hearing music in the house. Zenah plays sometimes now, which also makes me cry – you know like happy cry – to have music back in the house.

The past 6 days have been pretty darn fun, and full for sure. I think I’ve mapped out my life pretty good so that when one thing ends I have something else going on. Like when Zachary graduated from high school I remember my sister and mom staring at me thinking I was going to lose it and start crying. However, Jimmy was soooo bad, jumping all over the place that I couldn’t even focus on Zachary, therefore didn’t even think to cry. When he went off to college I still had Jimmy home and well it just felt like he was gone at his dad’s for a week, actually I was gone too when he went to college, on a business trip, so I didn’t even drop him off.  When Jimmy left on Monday morning, Zachary was pushing me to keep going to go out to breakfast and start HIS vacation. So I didn’t have time to get teary. Today when Zachary leaves I have to rush home and get ready for a bonfire tonight for Jorden’s soccer. I’m going to make cookies. So not too much time to cry. I thought I’d cry now.

The great thing is the combining of families has gone off without a hitch. I mean seriously, no hitches, at least from my side. I’ll get the debriefing from the Bakers but they sure were nice enough. Jorden even let Sam sleep with Zach last night, much to my chagrin. I felt bad, and Zach did too, that we couldn’t spend more time with Jorden.  He was begging to skip school yesterday and go to the beach with us. I was close, but in the end we stood firm and said NO!! Zachary is hoping to come back in the summer when Jorden is not in school so we can do more stuff together. This was a great trip for both of my children to get the lay of the land, see that their mom is being taken care of, living a good life, and one that they both hope to visit more often. Zach will be crying about waking up to 18 tomorrow. I mean who wouldn’t cry waking up in 18 weather. He’s also getting home right as the snow storm hits Pittsburgh tonight. Maybe it’ll help him decide to move south, with his mommy.

Here’s a couple pictures from our visit..



Sunset at Honeymoon Beach – Jorden skipping rocks.


son looking studly in the sunset




A Baker and a Kumer…walked into a bar..



Breakfast at IHOP. Know how people take pictures of what they eat beforehand? We decided to take a picture AFTER we ate.



My boy dressed for winter in the 85 degree sun. But he didn’t want to get sunburned. Kinda smart.


My job for the week, entertaining. It’s tough but someone has to carry the burden.


Cute neighborhood place Zach went for a haircut – getting to know the locals.


Our afternoon habit (of 2 days) – ice cream at Witches Brew


an OMG good dinner at Alyna’s restaurant, Ciro’s. Here we have lamb chops. Just one of the many things she whipped up for us. So so so so good!


Yea, Sam and Zach. New best buddies. Not that I wanted him on the bed.

Tomorrow I guess it’s back to normal stuff.  I’m just going to have to keep busier than normal for a couple of days.  I predict the boys will be back, sooner than later.  I mean a free place to stay in Florida, with their mom.  Who can beat it?

Until mañana,


2 Thoughts on “Tomorrow is another day..

  1. scott monahan on March 4, 2015 at 1:18 pm said:

    super groovy, looks like a blast was had. had blast. blast hadding. now jingles call me, no more blasting

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