I slept good last night. When I was a meeting planner, especially during Thomson days, we would work on an event for months before, then the last month was last-minute busy, the event itself was hit-the-ground-running type stuff. You’re up and on for 3-4 days and then when I’d get home it would take about 2 days to recover. All the planning and the event madness just caught up with me. I don’t know how people do it when they don’t get time off after an event. I was always sooo exhausted. Anyway, that’s how I felt last night. Such a build up for the kids coming. Getting the room ready, planning events and family time, and although the event itself wasn’t stressful, lots of sleeping on the couch with kids and sitting on the beach, I have to say after Zachary boarded and the tears came I was exhausted. Very grateful that my boyfriend met us at the airport and kept things moving so I didn’t totally collapse.

I made the cookies for Jorden’s bonfire, I think only 2 were eaten. It was dark, nobody could see. Phil took them to work today. I didn’t stay long there as I bugged out to pick up Zenah at practice. But I could feel the tired just washing over me. Needless to say I slept really really well last night.

Phil and I kept our date lunch Thursday and that was nice today. And I’m back to looking on-line for a new comforter, looking for flights to and from Virginia for my next trip, tickets for a Pirate training camp game, and going off to a doctor’s appointment . Not a lot of time to be sad. Honestly I’m not sad at all. I think they’ll be back sooner than later, and I’m going to see them again in April so there ya go. All is well. We have 11 days until our next visitor (Phil’s mom). Maybe we’ll (and when I say we’ll, I mean he’ll) paint the bathroom before the next visitor. Maybe we’ll have our pool refinished by then. Maybe the flowers will start blooming. Who knows what fun things we have in store to happen next.

Our flowers in the front aren’t doing so well. There are quite a few items that I think need moved to the dead zone. That task might have to wait for the weekend. Tomorrow is more Hospice training and a LAX game in the evening. I’ll be back at my stats table.

The boys may be gone but they sure perked my heart up and are making this whole relationship thing even better! Their visit and integration into my new family make me feel even MORE complete. Zachary is suggesting activities to get Jorden into, Jimmy is just wanting to come back, everyone loves Sam (except for me, jk…I do love that dog) and well it was just a great milestone to get over with.

The next great milestone is them meeting Aunt Kerry. If they can live with her humor then I think that will solidify this family in stone. I wonder if I can ship Jorden to Uncle Scott’s for a week or so in the summer. I mean that’s all part of being a Monahan teenager isn’t it? Ok, baby steps, I get it..

Until mañana,


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