It makes me happy that the 10 day forecast up north is quite tropical. That is, tropical for up north. Believe it or not it is disconcerting to always report how beautiful it is down here only to hear how freezing everyone else is. Makes me feel bad. Really it does. Everybody should live in paradise, ya know? And according to the roads down here a lot of “everybody” does.

I had my hospice training today. It was the class’s last training, although I have a makeup class that I have to do next Tuesday. I missed one during “Island” days. Going to the Island was sure worth missing a training which now I have to makeup on a date night. Maybe we’ll go out for a later dinner. Actually, Jorden’s soccer practices are over now on Wednesday so I wonder if we should move it back to Wednesday. Oh wait, never mind, Zenah has Lax practice. I booked my trip up north for April so I’m a little worried about how she’s going to get everywhere while I’m gone. I better start getting to know some mom’s better, throwing in a cookie tin here and there or something. I’m missing a couple of things in April (like the banquet and a couple playoff games) that had I known about I probably would not have booked the trip but oh well, another lesson learned. Next year, no trips until after Lacrosse season. Someone asked about what’s up with Lacrosse season this time of year. I guess nothing down here is weather dependent so they can have Lacrosse season whenever they darn well please.

So anyway, back to Hospice, I have a couple more steps to go through until I decide where I’ll end up or what I’ll be doing. There is an option which is very similar to what I did at Children’s Hospital, i.e., showing up at the Care Center and asking the nurses who needs what care. So I’ve signed up for that to get started. But I’ve also put out there that I’m interested in getting the Reiki training (offered for free!) and working with the babies. So we shall see what happens next. I’m thinking I’ll keep to Friday mornings for hospice since I’ve already put that morning aside. The training class has been a lot like my death and dying Carlow classes, lots of spiritual talk. I mean it’s about dying, you really can’t escape the spiritual aspect.

In other news, I had my wellcare doctors visit yesterday. I am healthy as a horse..mostly. Mammogram good, almost all the bloodwork good, slight arthritis in my knees, it’s just that I have this cholesterol issue. My number came back at 584. Apparently that’s high. 🙂 Oh well, so much for fast food and chocolate chip cookies. Not only have I added 35 pounds I’ve increased my cholesterol number by a couple hundred points. My good cholesterol is good. Does that count? They couldn’t even get a reading on my bad LDL number because my triglycerides are too high. It’s crazy talk. So good for me that I have to watch what I eat. It mainly looks like I just need to eat healthy, like the way I should be eating anyway. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, no dairy.  For breakfast I had greek yogurt, not perfect but not bad, right? Lunch was tomato soup (I read the can, no fat, no cholesterol) made with soy milk and a whole grain English muffin. I mean really, I HAVE to do this. Or if not you will all be planning my memorial service. I want there to be a lot of laughing and only skinny pictures. K? But seriously, I don’t “think” it’s my time. Step one, I’m on the Crestor. Jean asked me today if I was nervous about it. I’m like nooo, what am I gonna do? It is what it is right? I mean I can do some things now but it’s not like worrying about it is going to help. Besides there are studies (okay, maybe one study) that suggests high LDL is good for you. Well anyway, it’s gotta be hereditary. There are people who each much worse than me that have low numbers. Plus it’s a good sign that the high numbers aren’t affecting any other organ or part of my body. I would feel better though if they checked my arteries. Hmmm, maybe I’ll ask that at my next checkup, in two months. They’re going to check again to see if the Crestor is helping and hopefully I’ll have made some diet changes. But honestly I don’t think anything will help. I think it’s just me. I’ve had high numbers for a long time. I remember when that quack doctor in Sewickley (can’t remember her name now) got some blood work back of mine when I was around 40…she said the numbers were “eye popping high” and they must be a mistake since at that time I wasn’t overweight and relatively healthy. At that time the number was in the upper 300’s. What a quack. I went to her for 7 years complaining of back pain, turned out to be my gallbladder. I could have avoided 7 years of backpain had she diagnosed it properly. Sorry, I’m getting off on a tangent aren’t I? Anyway, I feel certain I’ll be okay, but it is high isn’t it? I think Salmon for dinner is in order.

Tonight is Lacrosse. No plans for Saturday and no games – woooo-hooo. Sunday we might go to a Pirate game in Dunedin. That will be great fun. One of the women in my hospice class is also from Pittsburgh. She mentioned she might be going to the game as well. I do love being from Pittsburgh, but still glad I’m here. Being “from” there is cool though. Did I mention that Jimmy was wearing a Bucs shirt at the mall and someone stopped us and asked him if he’s really from Pittsburgh? Then proceeded to tell us how he’s from Robinson and talked about the Pirates. Us Pittsburgh people sure do stick together.

I think this concludes my reports for the week. It’s a nice lazy cloudy day and I think it could be a good day to catch up on some shows. I believe there is a Downton Abbey waiting for me…

Have a good weekend,


4 Thoughts on “Mmmmm…bacon

  1. Scott monahan on March 6, 2015 at 7:39 pm said:

    That cholesterol number is super high. You ain’t gonna get that down with diet, mine was 285-300 range and I’ve been on statins for years and it’s ok…remember how your pappy died…and being skinny has nothing to do with it…you best deal with this ASAP! I’m not a doctor but I played one in a video once. Geezzzz!!!

  2. Debbie Monahan on March 11, 2015 at 4:02 pm said:

    Isn’t it nice that you are far away from “home” and still meet Pittsburgh people. That’s one thing I’ve noticed about Florida. It doesn’t matter what part of the state your in, there is always a “burgh thing just around the corner!

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