So the weekend was nice. Friday night Zenah’s game was cold again. Turns out a cold front came over and stalled right on top of us. They “started” her but took her out right away because she was limping. I took her to a massage therapist today, stayed in there with her, and something about her SI joint being out of whack. She has some exercises to do, some ice therapy and no playing for a week. Poor thing. I’m sure she twisted it playing the game, not like something random. Hopefully she’ll figure out how to strengthen herself. It was painful to watch them push on her sore spots. The massage therapists’ wife is a physical therapist and happened to be there so he called her into the room to give us some pointers. Zenah got the joint to pop back in on her own. So she’s going to take the week off of games. You know what that means? WE get to take the week off of games too! I don’t even have to do Stats because the games this week are away. Hopefully she’ll be back in the swing of things soon.

We got roped into a chiropractor booth at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday as I am a sucker for a free massage.  After checking my neck muscles Phil decided I should go see them. I’m going tomorrow. It’s such a waste of time because they’re going to tell me I need to keep coming back once a week for “x” number of weeks and well I’m just not going to do that. I still haven’t figured out the farmer’s markets here. They don’t sell any local food, other than strawberries. Not like Sewickley’s farmer’s market. Kinda weird. I don’t get it. But they have other booths (artists, smoothies, soap) going on there so it was still nice.

Sunday we went to a Pirate spring training game in Dunedin. That was fun but HOT. I was very good in remembering my 50 sunblock on my face but never occurred to me for any other part of my body. My first sunburn since moving here. Nothing hurts but shees-a-louise. Philip got a lot of sun too. Jorden was with us but no sunburn there. Anyway, other than it being really hot it was fun to see the Pirates. And we won!  I think in the future we’ll make more of an effort to go to local games. I think this might be the year for the Pirates. I’m feeling it!

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I started my new diet this weekend. I’ve read enough that it seems a plant-based diet is the only way I’m not going to die. Most of what I read said in addition to no red meat I am not to eat chicken either, or any meat. It’s going to take a while to find recipes. I’ve been studying my Moosewood Cookbook. Last night I made Satyamma’s Famous Cauliflower Curry.   Here are the ingredients:

Potatoes, shredded coconut, mustard seeds, garlic, fresh ginger, peanuts, turmeric, ground cloves, cumin seeds, toasted sesame seeds, cayenne, onion, salt, cauliflower, carrot, chick peas, lemon juice..served with rice.

See what I’m sayin? It ain’t easy. And why is it called Curry? There’s no curry in it? I’ll have to google that. It actually turned out to be really good. I ate it last night, for lunch today and dinner tonight. I have enough for tomorrow but I don’t know if I can bring myself to eat it one more day. I mean it is good but this is going to be hard and take a lot of planning. Of course it also means separate meals for me. Was I looking for a challenge?

Today I was a cleaning machine, still haven’t gotten upstairs. Phil’s mom comes the next week. That gives me some time.

Ok kids, enough dribble for today. Tomorrow is working at the school in the a.m., yoga, chiropractor and a makeup hospice class. I’m afraid I probably won’t have time for blogging. So until the day after mañana,


3 Thoughts on “Let’s Go Bucs..

  1. Rick Cole on March 10, 2015 at 10:51 am said:

    Lynn… probably going to Bradenton for a game before ST ends….. keep you posted… nice blog! Rick

  2. Debbie Monahan on March 11, 2015 at 3:57 pm said:

    Go Bucs! It sounds to me like you are one busy lady. Enjoy.

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