In one month I’ll be in Pittsburgh. That’s coming right up. I remember the last time I was there, over Thanksgiving, I had said I wouldn’t be back until April. Some people were skeptical and said I wouldn’t last that long but honestly I’ve had no problem lasting that long. The winter of course has a lot to do with it. And some random visitors, not to mention not so random visits from my boys have helped. I’ve been gone now 9 months. It feels like we’ve been here longer, like forever. And I mean that in a good way. It’s so home now.

I was putting something in the trunk of my car yesterday and thought about how differently I pack my trunk now. Well, first of all it needed cleaned out badly. So in my trunk I have my soccer/lacrosse chair. I’ve had that chair since JIMMY played soccer so like 15 years ago maybe? Now added to that two beach chairs (you know those sand ones), a frisbee, and a deflated beach ball, two beach hats. I also now have my horse hat and chaps, I have my yoga mat, an umbrella (I had 5 of them until I brought most of them into the house) I have a blanket and a scarf and a sweatshirt and now I must always carry my beach bag. In addition to actual car stuff, a tire air pump, a battery charger, bungee cords, some Armor-all wipes for leather.  What an assortment don’t you think? Like if I was on “Let’s Make A Deal” I think I might win.




after – room for more stuff

More evidence that this is home, last night we went to dinner at a local place we hadn’t tried before and guess what? We saw Joan. This is the second time we’ve seen her and her daughter at a restaurant when we’ve been out. Remember when I said I used to scan the crowds for people I knew and realized I knew no one? Well we know people now. I mean we LIVE here now. I saw someone I know at the Pirate game last Sunday too. And these aren’t Sewickley people!! We’re like members in our community and stuff. Not real active members but hey, people know us. I even know some parents from the Lacrosse team. Of course one big step that has yet to happen, I’m not yet known for my chocolate chip cookies. I tried with the soccer team but no one ate them.  Jorden was cute when I gave them to the hostess she said “oh you brought cookies” looking at the table full of store-bought cookies.  Jorden said “yes but these are home-made” – What a good boy.  Still no one ate them. Perhaps there is a Lacrosse event in our future that will require us to bring something and I’ll try again.

Speaking of going out to eat, look at this menu:


The menu from last night’s restaurant. My mom would love all this southern fried chicken!

You know I have to watch my diet right? Well, I got a salad. It wasn’t a very good restaurant. I don’t think we’ll go back. The food all sounded good (and fattening) but not a whole lot of taste.

Hoping to eat more local and healthy, I harvested some veggies from our garden yesterday.


I ate the beet. The radish we’re just looking at for now. It’s huge isn’t it? I’m sure it’s going to be hard as a rock but I might try it later. The carrots I’m not sure what to do with. I mean I can eat them. I’m having salad tonight so I’ll probably put them in the salad. The “fam” is having bbq ribs. I’ll be watching with my salad. I’m okay with that though. I’ve gotten my man to walk with me the last two nights. Last night we had a cat follow us. Many of you know the cat and Sam (the dog) story. For those of you that don’t, Sam is a cat killer. Literally, he killed one of their cats so it is important to keep Sam away from cats. Last night Phil had to distract the cat while I ran in the house to put the dog in the bathroom, so then Phil could get in the house without the dog busting through either of us to run outside and get the cat. It all went pretty well except the cat came onto the porch and although we got into the house safely it just curled up outside the door, sending Sam into a frenzy, which should have scared the cat away, but it did not. That cat was sleeping on one of our porch chairs this morning. I haven’t seen it yet today but it’s a concern for sure. Zenah is panicking a little. She witnessed the other killing so she’s having some sort of PTSD.

I have some errands and a possible friend visit on the agenda for today. I’ve planted some flowers in pots and I want to add just a little bit of blue to come over the sides of the pots. I also want to see if I can find a shamrock for our door for St. Patty’s day. I am “Monahan” you know, so like we’re Irish. If you have one Irish member of the family then we’re all Irish, right? When I’m with Jimmy I’m Italian, Zachary I’m Serbian (but only on Orthodox Christmas) and well Phil and I are pretty similar in our mutt mixture so I can just be myself with him. Now with these kids, that’s a different story. When Jorden burps at the table I say it’s his culture. 🙂 This must be what it’s like for parents who adopt kids from foreign countries and try to incorporate their culture. However, Jorden is not from another country, only his mother was and I bet she probably wouldn’t approve of burping at the table. But I could be wrong. I shall research it…in my spare time.

I’m off for the day. I hear it’s quite balmy up north. Hope you are all enjoying your warm up. We are warmed up here too. I love it, but it’s also a little toooo soon for summer.


I think we’re going back into the 70’s next week. You know, a cold front.

Until mañana


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  1. Ja Nelly on March 12, 2015 at 1:41 pm said:

    That menu looked like a South Carolina menu if I ever saw one! Ja Nelly

    • That’s exactly what they are.! Their website says: Originating in the Carolinas, the Kanos family relocated to Pinellas County, Florida to open a Southern style restaurant in 1972. You’re good JaNelly!

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