I’ve got 35 minutes. Which means I really only have 15 minutes to blog because it takes me that long to review and correct mistakes and well, it takes longer than you would think. However, if I was writing a book I seriously could write one page a day and you know in a year’s time I would have 365 pages. Not a bad size novel. But I need a subject, other than myself. I guess I could use myself as a basis and then make myself into someone else. Would I make myself an heiress? Homeless? Single? Married? Maybe I should be a teenager. They sell a lot of books. So I would be down with writing a page a day, no pictures. Posting pictures is also time-consuming. Getting them from my phone to the computer, or camera to the computer, or finding them on the computer, no easy task. If only Larry would organize them for me. I think he has all their pictures organized. That’s such a major task. I guess I should be doing it as I download them but right now I’m just happy they’re by date. Actually I’m happy I know how to download at all. I mean I used to be really on top of all the computer stuff. I remember being off with Jimmy when he was around 2 years old and seeing a PC Magazine. They were probably talking about Windows and I thought I better get back to work so I don’t get too far behind. I mean I was into it. But by the time cell phones came out I was handing them to Jimmy to program. Zachary has always been good with the photoshopping. See, right here I would love to post a picture that he took of his little league team and put his face on every player. But knowing where that picture is would take the afternoon, or maybe a week.

We are half way done with painting the bathroom. It looks great, beautiful color. In the middle of painting the bathroom my side of the closet fell.  Zenah is having a friend over this afternoon. I have to pick them up at 1:30. This is why I have no time to look for Zachary’s photoshopping pictures. Actually there is an external hard drive somewhere in this house that probably has a lot of old pictures on it. Note to self (Philip): find that external drive.  So this afternoon, after I pick up the girls and take them to Chik-fil-a, do I take all the clothes out of my side of the closet? And if I do where do I put them? I have no closet? Or do I start to finish painting the bathroom? I think it’s going to be the bathroom. The sooner we get that done we can work on the closet. Phil says it’s too heavy with my clothes. So I guess it’s time to purge. I think it’s time to get rid of all of those work clothes that I thought I might wear again someday.


Yesterday I was successful with my errands but as soon as I pulled into Lori’s parking lot to have tea Zenah texted to pick her up. I ran in anyway to say I couldn’t stay so we made a plan for breakfast today. We went to this very zen place, Consciousness Blossom.  As soon as she ordered she got a call that someone was at her door trying to deliver her countertop. Cray cray. But they figured it out and we had a lovely breakfast.  This very zen place, Consciousness Blossom, is located in the middle of a strip mall on a busy road. We sat outside but outside is the parking lot. I’m starting to realize that everything down here – okay not everything – but a lot down here is in strip malls and parking lots by busy roads. I’m kinda missing my mom’s right now. I think I need a dose of trees. Or maybe I could sit in my back yard for 10 minutes before picking up the girl. That’s what I’ll do. I have trees and it’s so quiet here. What was I thinking?


Monday I believe we are taking the girl on a college visit which means no blogging. You get a three-day weekend off from my blubber.  Maybe for a weekend assignment someone can come up with a book idea for me?? Anyone?

Have a wonderful weekend,


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