Erin Go Bragh!! Ireland forever. Today I wore green AND orange so not to offend my protestant brethren in Ireland. Isn’t that diplomatic of me? Actually my dad was raised Catholic but I was raised protestant, and then went to Catholic college, so really I am an orange and green Irishmutt. Today was a work-at- the-middle-school day and we were all so lovely in our green. I also wore my shamrock earrings that I’ve managed to hang onto for all these years.  Jorden was REALLY green today. He wore green shorts and a green shirt. He looks good in green but I’m going to bet that he gets a bit of teasing today and then of course I’ll feel bad because I bought him the clothes.

Grandma comes today. I have successfully completed all the cleaning I wanted to do. I didn’t touch Jorden’s room. I warned him for weeks now to clean it but oh well. She may never go up the steps anyway. Let’s hope not.

So yesterday we went on a college tour with Zenah to University of Florida in Gainsville. GO GATERS. It was 9 years ago that I went on a college tour there with Jimmy. NINE years ago. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed. I didn’t do college tours with Zachary. He said he wanted to go to Penn State, sight unseen, and so he did. Anyway, she was a little, let’s say reluctant, to go initially. Maybe thinking she didn’t know what was going on or why she was going. I was thinking it’s best to get one out-of-the-way so she can start thinking about what to expect on college tours. Maybe it was too soon but there were other sophomores in the crowd. Anyway, end of the story is she LOVES it there. So now we’ll see. Everything else will be measured against that one. I suggested she apply to one “dream” college so we thought about MIT. Even if she would get in it would be too cold for her, but still she should try. And I definitely think a college visit to Berkley (California) is in order. Don’t you? Again we have more than a year but it’s good for her to start thinking. I predict she will be recruited (maybe recruited isn’t the right word) because of her interest in Science and Engineering and being a girl and all. I could be soooo wrong but what the heck, let’s dream big. She is #1 in her class in the traditional tract. Plus she’s got all the stuff going on, girl scouts, key club, science club, drama club and Lacrosse. She told us in the car yesterday that she might be interested in teaching instead of engineering to which we both said NOOOOOOOOOO!! Not that there’s anything wrong with teaching, she just has a gift with this science stuff, she should think bigger. Is that bad to say? I just can’t get over that I’m back doing college tours again and the realization about how many years between doing them. She’ll be starting college in 2017. That’s 8 years since Jimmy graduated high school and 16(?) since Zachary’s graduation. Shouldn’t I be dead by 2017?

Phil was a little nostalgic about being in college but I was a little nostalgic for work.  I kinda miss the atmosphere, although there is no comparison size wise to PPU.  UF has 50,000 students.  FIFTY thousand.  They mentioned 9,500 faculty. I wonder who does their contracts?  FIFTY thousand!!


I think she knows what this stuff means


Looks impressive doesn’t it?


Really bad picture of me but a great picture of her. We’re in the stadium. GO GATERS…chomp chomp




I sat on this wall 9 or 10 years ago with Jimmy. He thought he might go here as well. It was on this wall when I first had the idea to move to Tampa so I could be 2.5 hours from him. And I never let go of that thought.

That’s going to have to be it for today. Grandma should be coming soon is here!!.

Until mañana,


3 Thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Amanda on March 19, 2015 at 12:37 pm said:


    I enjoy reading your blogs! You have a good “writer’s voice.” Being that I’m Protestant, I guess I should have worn orange on Tuesday instead of just green. Oh well! haha

    – Amanda

  2. Jennifer on April 3, 2015 at 2:46 pm said:

    I could fill the entire comment box with “college application” stuff, but I’ll offer only a few bits of “wisdom” (i’m headed off with tours with Patrick this week).

    1) Most importantly – go to the school that you can afford LAST on tours. Every school they tour is “it” until they see the next one. Hence most expensive first, affordable last. (I did not do this)
    2) Not many girls in sciences/math and they do want them. Haley has 2 girls in her Computer Science class and 1 in her linear algebra class.
    3) If she truly interested in Engineering take a look at Stevens Institute in Hoboken NJ. (right across from nyc) It’s 70% male so there you beat that fact that white middle class girls are the largest applicant pool so hardest to get in. Also Stevens has the 3rd largest starting salary after graduation. Pat will apply there…hopefully they have wheelbarrows of money to offer though.

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