Still hot…although today a bit of a cool down. The high is only supposed to be 78. They typically lie though and my car will probably say 88.

Busy week. Grandma here. All going well. She’s just like “us” and wants to sit in the sun mostly. We went to a movie yesterday and saw the 2nd Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I loved it. We watched the first one the night or two before. They are both good. I don’t care what the ratings say.

Also had a horseback riding lesson this week. I’ve noticed that my spine is stronger now. The first lesson and first canter I felt like my back was just jello but now I’m feeling stronger. I was on a different horse this week. He was a little more feisty for-sure. And the dam horse shied at a jump, but I stayed on. I liked him for his feistiness but not crazy about horses that shy away from jumps. You can get hurt that way! Not feeling any more zen like but I’ll keep at it. Next week I’ll be out-of-town for the day so no horseback next week.

Speaking of spine, I went to my follow-up with the chiropractor finally. I think they are good and I had an adjustment and I feel so much better but why are so many chiropractors like sleazy salesmen? Seriously if their method of treatment works then why not be more honest and up front? I’m not going to get into it, although I don’t know why because usually I do drone on about things but anyway I won’t be going back. I do need the work for my neck and I do feel better but I will go to someone who takes my insurance. But for today I do feel better.

I’m feeling a little writers block. I know, even after not writing for a few days. I’m just constantly on the run and I have a lot of running around to do this afternoon…so maybe just a 15 minute lyming/resting session will revive me.

Peace and prosperity to you all,

Have a nice weekend,


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