It seems my blogging has gone to the wayside, but really I’m on schedule since I posted on Friday. It just feels like it’s been a long time. A long looonnnnggg time.

Our house guest is enjoying the sunshine. She’s out there everyday getting her sun. I remember when I used to do that. You just can’t get enough of it when you don’t see it for 3-4 months at a time. I do not join her but when I do I stay in the shade. Everyone tells me how tan I am. I can’t help it, although I don’t sit in the sun purposely I am outside enough that I stay tan. I do have to work on tan “lines” however.

Wednesday I’m meeting Maryann in Sarasota.  That will be a beach day; although not happy about putting a bathing suit on in front of someone I know.  I’ve gotten myself a room for the night too (down the road a bit). I’m taking a mid-week break. I’ve notified Zenah that she needs to find a way home on Wednesday but I’ll be back on Thursday for her. Hopefully they won’t fall apart one day without me. It’s good practice for when I come up in April.  She’s already commented they she’s going to die when I’m gone.  No guilt there eh?  Zenah ended up walking home from school last week when I was at the movies. She’s still nursing her blisters from walking.  Dam kids.

Speaking of walking, we went to the Pizza place in town on Friday with Phil’s mom. We parked in a lot beside the bank, you know after hours and all. Came out of the pizza place and the car had been towed. Jorden and I walked home to get my car – about the same distance Zenah has to walk from school. It wasn’t pleasant.  Actually the walk was quite pleasant but the reason why we were walking was not. Needless to say we will never bank at Third Fifth Bank. What a crock. I finally wrote to the Chamber of Commerce both about this event and about the Arts Festival. (remember they were charging a fee?) So, a disappointing night for sure. But I got my mile walk in.

Saturday morning we actually walked over to the school and ran around the school track. ONE lap for me thank you, which honestly I was surprised I could still do one lap. Phil wants to run in a 5K at the end of April. I think I’ll watch. But while he trains I’ll walk over to the track with him and walk around it. After we got our hearts pumping we then proceeded to do a lot of pool clean up work. I scrubbed the railings and screens and chairs to get the pollen off, he tried to get the weeds out of the screens. I must say it’s looking rather good! I also cleaned/skimmed the pool for a while. Spring cleaning – Florida style! Jorden got in the pool so a sure sign that pool time is coming back. The water is cold but not freezing. I think the temperature is around 75. Ten more degrees and we’re good to go. Here are some other signs of Spring…Florida style:


a tree at the corner – not quite a magnolia, and not sure what it is, but the purple against the blue sky is awfully pretty


still needs resurfaced but it’s getting spring cleaner


if you zoom in you will see teeny-tiny lemons and limes starting.


Green beans from the garden! Spring harvest!


These birds went away for the winter. I wonder where they go. but they are back!!

We had Jorden’s birthday dinner yesterday. He turned 14. I’m just going to say this… Fourteen year old boys should be sent away until they are 45. That’s all.

Until mañana, (I hope)


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