Happy Easter!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I have a lot to update you all on and it’s late and although I had two ice teas and a diet Pepsi after 4:00 and will probably not sleep at all, I still feel like I need to keep this relatively short.

Let’s see, where did we leave off:

Phil’s mom was here for a visit for 2 weeks. I believe she had a nice time. She sat by the pool daily, the weather cooperated nicely for her. One day we went to Dunedin for the Highland Games. Dunedin is a Scottish community and they are very proud of their heritage. Bagpipes and kilts everywhere. Let me tell you, I had no idea men in kilts were so handsome. So my great grandmother’s name was Cary MacKenzie, from Scotland and well it turns out the MacKenzie’s were a big clan in Scotland. Also if you’re watching Outlander it’s about the MacKenzie clan. Anyway, so that was a whole lot of fun and next year I’m totally rocking a kilt. Phil also has Scottish roots (and he’s thinking of wearing a kilt next year too) and his mom had a great time tracing her ancestors.


my Highland games purchase – rocking my Downton Abbey Hat


Lots of Mc’s and Mac’s..

209 211

And then her last night we took her to dinner at Alyna’s restaurant for her birthday. A nice time and delicious food had by all.


Then we had a few days to catch up before my sister, Kerry, came today.

One day we took the kids go-kart racing.  I came in last – Phil first of course.  Zenah liked it a little too much.  I said we better get a slow car cause I have a feeling she’s going to have fun driving. We also went mini golf – I did come in first there.


So in my time off I found my next car, and it’s not slow at all. I actually have been looking for a car for a while. I had my sites set on a Nissan Juke. They’re cute. Zenah saw one though and called it an Ugly-bug-of-a-car.  Since we share the car I started thinking maybe I shouldn’t get it. I still drove several of them but in the end I got this:

new car 20150403_170740

I know I know, I need a job. But it’s a nice car, fer sure. When I test drove it I cried (and when I say cried I mean I got water in my eyes) I took that as a sign it was the “one”, and it all worked out. Also it was the exact same price as the Juke. A couple of years older but whatever. We like it. Not entirely practical or family focused but Phil says it’s “our” car, not the “kids” car so I’m goin with it.  Who am I to argue?  Right?

Kerry came today.


She is happy to be in 80° weather. She got a ride in the new car,  we came right home, she got settled and we went for Pizza. Also walked to the water to see the sunset. We were kinda late for sunset but she got to see the water, then for ice cream, home for the new Outlander, dyed a couple Easter eggs and I made my cake for tomorrow.  I believe she’s enjoying sleeping without a bunch of babies jumping on her. (her grandchildren whom she lives with) I’m looking forward to a few fun days with my sister before driving up north. NOT in the new car.

We are expecting the big girls (Tashah and Alyna) tomorrow at some point. Nothing fancy for dinner. Phil wants Sloppy Joes. Not your traditional Easter fare but I like it! Hoping to get to the beach or at least the pool. It is my duty to make sure our guests get tanned while they’re here.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter, if you celebrate it. If not I still hope you have a very lovely peaceful and warm sunny day.


Until soon,


Some music from the Highlanders…

2 Thoughts on “I’m here, I’m here!

  1. Scott monahan on April 5, 2015 at 10:26 am said:

    So, lemme get this straight…kerry monahan comes a visiting and you drive her around in your new benz. Wow…next you’re gonna tell me you put in a tennis court! Sounds wonderful, enjoy the trip north too…!

  2. Debbie Monahan on April 6, 2015 at 8:32 am said:

    It sounds like a great time was had by Mrs. Baker. I love the car! I’m sure you’ll enjoy Kerry’s visit as well. Please say hello to her from the gang up north. If you are heading up, give me a call and meet for lunch. Now if you put in the tennis court, I will be visiting for sure, even if I don’t play! Enjoy and Happy Easter!

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