I swear I have no idea how to pack lightly.  I will be gone awhile but seriously there has to be a better way.  Then, to top it off, my tooth is really bothering me.  I think it’s broken through to the whatever bad thing there is, so now what?  It just seems like there’s so much undone stuff that I’m leaving down here.  Can we talk about the Island again where I’m all alone?

That was a fun exercise, writing about my Island home.  I waited all day for today’s “prompt” and all it is is to practice writing at a specific time everyday.  Something like that.  I used to have it down to writing after I had gotten some things done in the morning, empty dishwasher, put things away, wash any dishes, laundry, stuff like that, start blog, pick up Zenah, finish blog, day over.  NOW?  Well, I’m all messed up.  I’m out of schedule, out of sync.  House guests will do that to you.  You just can’t disappear for too long when you have company.  I think I will get back to that routine soon.  The past couple nights I’ve been waiting until late to blog but as I’m clicking away 100 miles a minute on this laptop Philip is getting more annoyed as the clicking continues.  So this time of day is NOT going to work.  I have to go back to the morning blogging before getting Zenah.  But now I’ll be gone 18 days.  I’m taking my computer.  I’m hoping to do stuff at my mom’s but there’s no internet connection.  So if I was to send any blogs I’ll have to pack up and go find a place with wireless. Do you see?  My tooth hurts, they took an extra car payment out of my account, I have too much stuff I’m taking up north that I’ll never get back on the plane, my computer is making scary noises, I’m trying to back up my photos and resumes on this external storage thing and well I have to get some sleep.

Am I whining?  Sorry.  I try so hard not to do that.

Good stuff today?  We went riding.


One hour on the trail.  Our butts hurt.  I’ll probably try to find a group to trail ride with but the weather is getting pretty hot so I’m not sure how much I’ll ride during the summer.  We’ll see.  Maybe I’ll get out there earlier in the day during the summer.

That’s it, I need sleep.  I look forward to the next few prompts!!  I hope you do too.  It’s something different right?





One Thought on “And I’m off

  1. Debbie Monahan on April 8, 2015 at 8:43 am said:

    Have a wonderful visit. Tell mom I said hello. Safe Travels.

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