I’m home…in Florida. YAY. I’m so out of touch with blogging. I had big plans on my trip up north to be secluded and blog but as usual, the best laid plans…. This is a recap of my visit.

Going backwards:

Yesterday, Monday, April 21: a selfie with mom.

20150420_122505 20150420_122551

She was so fun doing this. Then off to the airport and seriously the bumpiest flight I’ve ever been on. I was looking hard at the throw up bag. Apparently there were straight-line winds going through as we were supposed to land. Luckily we missed those winds when landing. We have some big tree limbs down and the power went off briefly.


poor yard car…although doesn’t look like damage was done


Other areas around us were hit much worse and Phil’s work had to take shelter (tornado shelter) So that was something. However the storm had passed and we all went out to dinner and I made cookies. I am very happy to be home and they reported back that the cookies were good!!

Sunday, April 20: I cleaned all of mummy’s screens, windows and curtains on the first floor, in addition to laundry, made breakfast (blueberry pancakes) and dinner (spaghetti with homemade sauce) and a beet salad for lunch. I was in bed at 10:00. She has no internet anyway. And the last thing I wanted to do after this long day was stay up longer to type.

Saturday, April 19: I cleaned the upstairs screens, windows and curtains, and my mother’s room, you know like spring cleaning stuff. AND made a delicious dinner if I do say so myself. Fish (that I had to run out and re-buy..see below), asparagus with peppers, mushrooms and onions, rice, and our family favorite green jello. Yummm…

Friday, April 18: planted plants that we had purchased the day before and some kind of inside work but I can’t remember now. I made dinner but who can remember.

20150418_124101 20150418_124116 20150417_172717 20150417_172138 20150417_172206 20150417_172711 20150417_17272420150419_155249 20150419_161707

Thursday, April 17: we sat on the porch and gabbed, THEN to the stores. Dollar Store, Goodwill, Plant Store, Macy’s, Martins (groceries)…where I purchased fish and they forgot to put it in the buggy. I think I made chicken salad with the left over chicken from night before and maybe some baked beans. We were practicing picnicking.

Wednesday, April 18: Late lunch out, Lowes, Grocery store where I bought a ready-made chicken and sides for dinner.

Tuesday, April 17: drove 8 hours to my mothers through beautiful country. It really is a different spring up there. I always say we have seasons down here but they are not the same at all. It should be a 6 hour drive but it always takes me longer and I can’t figure out why.  I loved the signs of spring along the way.

20150414_120528 20150414_120539

So maybe you get the idea. Mom has no internet, no TV and with all that outside air and running around I couldn’t even think of opening that computer.

Prior to that I was at my sisters for 5 days. Kerry worked most of the time so I rarely saw her but I did get to hold a lot of sick babies and since then Mya (the middle 2 ½ year old girl) has been on the phone saying “come back, come back” in this pathetic voice that rips your heart out. I mean rips…Very similar to the way Rose said it at the end of Titanic. It was very hard leaving all of them. Babies are very easy to get attached to.

20150412_191340 1428759535907 20150411_093913 1428804525441 142880452610220150409_195841 1428633529842

So I missed getting to see some people who I had hoped and planned to and I felt guilty when I did run out on the babies to get in my adult visits. I managed to see Zach and Jimmy pretty much which was good.

1429027317368 20150412_161922 20150412_162942 1428804525147 20150410_143442 IMG_20150410_144026

Jimmy pissed us all off on Monday when he decided to go to the Pirate opener and made us all jump through hoops so he could get there (making me miss valuable PPU visiting time, blame it on Jim) and then his phone dies and I didn’t even get to say goodbye to him until he was back in Columbus. Kids you know. They drive you mad!!  But it was his birthday so I guess he was happy being Jimbo.

I did get a couple of blogs done at my sisters. It was actually quite nice. She has this finished attic room where I slept for a couple of the nights and it really was perfect for writing after a long day of visiting, running around and holding babies crying babies. Thank you all for reading them and commenting. I just read all the comments last night. I’m out of sync with my “prompts” but I hope to get back to it either tonight or tomorrow. I’ll see if I can get back in the swing of things.

Today I was back at the middle school working then looking for a dining room chair, then buying and delivering lunch to Jorden then wading through the 558 emails that have been accumulating. Laundry, dinner, errands, applying for jobs and blogging.

When I dropped my rental car off in Virginia I had logged 1661 miles (I did all the driving) and I love love loved visiting everyone, I hated leaving those babies, I love love loved being at my moms, and everywhere I was I felt like I could stay there.  I could move back to Pittsburgh, I could stay at my mom’s…BUT I’m so so happy to be back to my not-so-new family and routine. Soooo happy.


Welcome Home Flowers

Life is good.

Until mañana,


3 Thoughts on “I’m baaacckkk

  1. Diane on April 21, 2015 at 5:53 pm said:

    Quite a whirlwind – glad we got some porch time in.

  2. Debbie Monahan on April 22, 2015 at 11:49 am said:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful visit. I’m sure it was hard leaving but you’ll be back. Your mom’s place looks wonderful. So relaxing. I’m happy for you that she doesn’t have internet. More time to visit and relax….that’s what vacation is all about. We may have missed your blogs but you need a break too! Glad you had a great time and are safely home and back to your “normal” routine. Take care.

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