I’m feeling like I’m finally getting back into a routine after vacation. I know it’s been two weeks since I’ve been back, right? Yep, I just checked. Exactly two weeks ago. Funny how long it’s taken me to feel back to normal. There have been a lot of factors involved though. Even the prompts had me off kilter. Not in a bad way but just a different commitment for the day.

So now I’m back to…what exactly? I have my week pretty scheduled these days. Tuesday is Middle school day, Wednesday is horseback riding day and Friday is Hospice day. Granted those are only morning activities but since I pick the girl up at 1:30 to me that’s the day. So that leaves me Monday and Thursdays to hang out. Today my hanging out is going to be cleaning, because that’s what I do too. Sometimes it’s nice to do it after the weekend and sometimes it’s nice to do it on a Thursday before the weekend. Guess it all depends on whose coming on the weekend.

Speaking of weekends, Phil and I did next to nothing this past weekend. We saw two movies. The Water Diviner, which I highly recommend, and the Avengers movie. To my cronies: unless you have children I’d skip right to the Water Diviner. Beautiful story. On Saturday Phil putzied in the yard, one of his favorite past times, so I took myself to the beach with my new book called At My Pace. It’s a collection of essays written by women ages 30’s to 80’s.. It’s a great book to read one person’s story at a time when I go to the beach. Also my friend, Ellen Green Morton’s story is published in there. I read her story on Saturday. It happens to be entitled “Overcoming Writers Block.” I posted a picture of it on Facebook but I think the fact that it was written by Ellen was missed. Anyway it’s sure to be a good read and will help me see how my life is turning out just as it’s supposed to be. We don’t see it when we’re in it but looking back it will all make sense. Right?

Sunday we rolled out of bed and went right to laying by the pool. We eventually managed to get dressed and went and met Lori at this Tiki bar very close to our house. We didn’t even know this place existed. We saw a great band – although very loud – right on the water – with people our age. No kids allowed…YES!! So that was something different. The band is called the Black Honkeys. They are really good.  I loved seeing the old people out there dancing, and when I say old I mean 50’s and 60’s.

Then home to watch our Sunday night TV line up. It’s getting close to season finales. I’m trying to get some ideas for summer time shows. It’s going to involve Netflix I’m sure.

Ok, just looking at the time. Dust bunnies await. You know sometimes when I “feel” my life, it “feels” like I’m trudging thru mud or a hard wind. I’m pushing against something. Aren’t we supposed to feel like we’re being pulled or floating or something? I am pushing myself through my days. When I moved here I was being pulled here for sure. I wonder what I’m supposed to be doing that wouldn’t make me feel this resistance. Maybe getting a housekeeper? Just sayin.

Until mañana,


5 Thoughts on “just another manic Monday

  1. Ellen on May 4, 2015 at 2:08 pm said:

    Hey, thanks for the plug…it was kind of interesting to see my story in context with those of other women of other generations. Feel free to review it on Amazon (speaking on behalf of Jill the editor of the book…).

    • I need to start from the beginning and see how the stories progress thru the ages. I will be happy to write a review! Congratulations again on being published. Love your story too! Interesting to see how you started out wanting to help special needs and well look at you now. Very cool! xoxoxo

  2. I am nominating you for the Liebster Award 🙂 If you choose to accept please click here for more info https://onceuponahotflash.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/liebster-award-nominee/ Congratulations!!!

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