Due to blogging about the Liebster Award I wasn’t able to offer a proper post. However, I could not let the day go by without mentioning another Cinco de Mayo come and almost gone. Tacos all around for dinner. I’m stuffed.

But we all know the true meaning of the day, right? Diane’s birthday. It’s today that Diane turns one year older than me. I’m sure most of you know the story but for those newcomers, back in ought 6 (really it was 1979) Diane turned 21 before me. I’m a little confused why this was such a big deal because I think I was living in Miami where the drinking age at that time was 18. But anyway, she flaunted that in my face like nobody’s business. And now 36 years later I continue to remind her how much older she is than me.

Di and I have a lot of birthday memories. I remember turning 30 and going with her to Froggy’s the night before where I learned the expression “this..the last day of your 20’s.” It was my family that had a bday party for me when I turned 40 but Diane that organized the dinner for me when I turned 50 (with a camera as a present). My favorite was when SHE turned 50 and I had the whole Bunko group wear shirts of pictures of Diane that I had ironed on tshirts. I thought it was hysterical. Pictures of Di everywhere. I think she was a little in shock but looking back I think she thought it was funny.


Tshirt picture (front)

Di and I were talking today about how so many of us are the same age now. Like 50 to 65 and we say “our age”. When you’re in your 20’s, someone in their 30’s is ollldddd. 40’s and 50ish, same age. My mom, who is now 83, is starting to separate by age again. Someone is now older than her who is 86. Age is a funny thing. Seriously, no kidding, I had to pull the calculator out to figure out how old Diane is today. We are at the in-between time of our lives where who the hell cares how old we are anyway and I sure don’t keep track. I mean I went from steps away from retirement to raising kids, in middle school again. I’m sure not going to think about my age because it makes noooo sense.

The only age that we are now looking forward to is retirement age. Diane is counting down the days to retirement. 5 years I think? I am super jealous. She will probably throw that in my face…I hope she does. She deserves it. I’ll give it to her.

But the turning 21 before me, that memory she apparently will never get to live down. Although it’s getting harder and harder to find “you’re older than me” birthday cards I still look for them when possible. This one will have to suffice for this year. Unpersonalized…but she knows…This means YOU!

So Di, for 35 more days, enjoy being older than me. And remember I am the baby of the crowd. BABY.


Tshirt picture (back)

Until mañana,


2 Thoughts on “And another thing…

  1. Diane on May 6, 2015 at 7:57 am said:

    Thanks Lynne! The only hope I have of you being older than me is that I’ll die first. But according to a few blogs ago that’s not going to happen. Apparently, I’ll be around to ID all the boys that got away for Mya.
    June 2020!

  2. Yes Di, you need to keep the history (and the pictures). Maybe you can organize my pictures in your retirement.

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