Isn’t being home during the week a little like sacred or something? It is sooo quiet (except when the neighbor’s gardeners are mowing). There’s a stillness during the week, when everyone is in school and work, like no other time. The house is quiet, the dog is sleeping. I can hear the water pump for the pool but if I go outside or to another room I can’t even hear that. I just hear birds. We’re on a cul de-sac so we don’t have traffic either, I mean just peaceful.  This is why I wish I was a morning person. If I could drag myself out of bed I would have so much more time to enjoy this quiet, instead of sleeping thru it.

Even though Zenah is super not-here even when she is here, it’s still different when she comes home. I know she’s here so my thoughts are different. I listen for her, I’m more aware of what I’m doing in relation to her. Of course when Jorden comes home, well that’s the end of the day anyway. Kids are out of school, people are coming home from work, time to think about dinner or snacks. The first words out of Jorden’s mouth every day is “what’s for dinner” and/or quickly followed by “there’s nothing to eat here, can we go to McDonalds?” Almost every day…almost. Although he is getting better.

Right now, other than my clicking keyboard I am realizing and appreciating the quietness. I love quiet. I don’t know if I’ve always been like that. Probably not. I like music too. But mostly I like quiet. I have noticed when I’m at my mom’s I will get up early (not everyday) but I want to get up early to go sit on the porch and breathe in the quiet. Ahhhh..…also you need to get up early there to beat the heat. 🙂

So today was another horseback lesson. I like the horse but I can’t get this one to trot steady either. It’s soooo frustrating. BUT I can get him to canter. We had a good canter around the ring at the end of the lesson. I mean twice around at the canter and I was done….dammit. I suggested that maybe we start with the canter and then I could see if I could get him to slow down, instead of always trying to get him to pick up the trot. I’ll get a good kick in there and he might start off ok but then he’s back to like a slooowwww jog. It’s gotta be my heels. I can’t seem to dig them in the right way. I like what she has me doing though. She has me doing patterns. Like an obstacle course, sitting trot around these poles, posting trot this way, over this pole, over that pole, stop at the rail, back up, trot over that rail and back to a stop. Stuff like that. Getting me to remember what to do is part of the lesson. I mean it’s exercising my mind too. We’re good at everything except the posting trot. It’s a problem.

But I like the horse, I love his canter, and he’s friendly. So there’s that. And so far, knock on wood, the heat is not bothering me, at least while I’m riding. Next week I might start going a ½ hour earlier. Like 9:30 instead of 10. Once I’m on the horse I barely think about the heat. Now, once I’m off and untacked, have put everything away and get to my car, well by then I think I’m going to have heat stroke. Like seriously, I need to watch that. I remembered the SPF on my face today, but forgot water. It’s a process. Next week I’ll hopefully have it all together. There’s so much to remember. It’s not like I throw on my shorts and go. I have to wear tight jeans, a shirt that comes over the belly, I gotta find socks and my boots, when I get there I have to put the chaps on, (you know, like lift my leg up when I can’t breathe with the tight jeans on) put my purse in the trunk, dig out the money, put my keys in my pocket of the jeans that are painted on my body, then I have to go get a horse, figure out the bridle (sometimes that takes me awhile to figure out how to put it on), get the saddle, the tack, brush the horse, beg someone to pick his feet for me, tack him up and finally get on. After the lesson is so much easier. Take the shit off, hose him off, and put him away. Oh and I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but there’s a woman, my age, who has been riding at the same time as me these past few weeks. She’s not part of the lesson but she’s in the ring with me and we’ve actually talked some. So who knows, maybe I’m close to having a new friend. Maybe….

I think I’m going to make some banana bread. Everyone likes it and I don’t like to throw away the rotten bananas. I’m finally not sweating anymore, it takes me awhile to unheat after the lesson. Maybe I’ll wash the car first, THEN make banana bread. Hmmmm….so many decisions.

Well, that’s my day. More nonsense but that’s what I blog about. Nonsense. Zenah doesn’t come home until about 2:30 today so that gives me a little more time to regroup. She’s practicing today for a talent show that she’s in on Friday. I’m so nervous for her!! Stay tuned!

Tomorrow I believe I’m going to start lyming again. I haven’t read a book in so long. Like a novel book. I need to start something. I still haven’t finished The Circular Staircase. I know, right? It’s a little book too. That can be my goal tomorrow. Finish that damn book. You know part of being a writer is reading. I’m a writer right? I mean a starving unpublished wanna-be writer, but I do write. So I better read too. Just to keep up with my craft.

Ta-ta for now,

Until mañana


2 Thoughts on “Like a rhinestone cowboy

  1. Debbie Monahan on May 7, 2015 at 7:56 am said:

    I love the morning peacefulness. Now a days it gets interrupted by the grandchildren I am babysitting. I cherish Friday mornings, my day off. I don’t even like to plan a trip to the grocery store. Just give me a cup of coffee and a chair outside on the deck and I’m good. We all need some of that in our lives.

    Enjoy the quiet when you can

  2. You of all people need more than one day of Lyming. Your deck sounds peaceful.

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