I kind of get it now. The whole reading my blog thing. Since participating in the Writing 101 challenge I’ve started following other bloggers and I look forward to seeing their posts. I know, right? I don’t know these people but it doesn’t matter. One person is from Nova Scotia, far from Florida; one in the U.K., one in India. Look at me, I am so diverse aren’t I? And now I look forward to the email dings for when they’re posting something. So I get it. I’m going to stop apologizing for myself. And just keep doin what I’m doin…

But since I’m not doin much of anything today I thought we’d go around the house and look at some of our new and updated additions:

Here we have a fish that Philip made when I was up north.  We got the idea when we were in Matlacha, Florida. Without a doubt worth a visit there if you’re ever in the area…

So this is made from a palm husk, one that missed falling on our cars thankfully.  Isn’t it cool?  So the fish body is from the palm tree husk, and the tail and fins are made from the palm fronds (leaves)


Then they painted one of the birdhouses with the left over paint:


We are getting so artsy around here.  I love it.  I love the bright colors.

Also when I was away he bought a bright aqua chair for the dining room.  So I went and got a yellow one when I got back and now our dining room looks like this: (don’t forget if you click on the pictures you should get a better view)

20150427_193948 20150427_193935

Then I worked on the mantle. Usually I have some sort of holiday theme up there.  We just finished with Easter, so now I need a theme that will take us through summer.  I kinda like what I did here:


I like the green and orange colors with a splash of white. The flowers are gardenias. We have them everywhere!!

Have I posted a picture of that mantle thing we have in the foyer?


Last year


Current – It still needs work. More color..

Moving outside…I planted some pots.  I’m very happy with this one:


See how pretty? Lush and green.

But then these happened:


This is not lush and green (and yes I see that ball in there)


These too are struggling. There’s a pink splash in the back of that one pot that’s just gone wild.

I think it’s time to redo these pots.  I’m still learning the environment.  It’s hot, #1, but also I need to be more vigilant with the watering.  Diane’s plants look so good and she waters every night.  She said her grandpa used to say “you drink water every day, they want water every day”  something like that.  Grandpas are the best…So anyway, I need to start over here and move these to the dead zone.

Our front flower garden is looking a little pathetic too.  However, there is alot blooming there.  I am wondering if maybe we need to water TWICE a day.  Again, it is hot and I’m planting flowers I used to plant up north.  It’s a learning curve.


I remember when I lived in Victory Terrace, I hated it there.  Although I loved my neighbors but after 4 years living there I had a pretty nice flower garden in the front.  So it just takes time to get there. This is where I should post a picture of that flower garden shouldn’t I?  Wonder if I can find one.

Ahh, that would be a no. I looked.  But I know I have one because I liked those flowers so much and I remember it took 4 years to get them to where they were pretty.  But I did find this from the same era:


My dog Allie used to dig holes in the yard and Jim would sit in them

Someday I’ll find that picture and then I’ll post it.  I’ll have a random picture day.  Now if I can only remember to do that.

Let’s see what else.  Oh we have this:


It’s a lemon/lime tree. We have a bunch of little green things. Not sure which are lemons and which are limes but we’re hoping they keep growing. VERY exciting stuff.

And along with summertime heat, it’s the return of the Texas size bugs.  I think Texas size bugs should stay in Texas but here ya go:


Last  night I was awakened by thumping in the bathroom by Philip (I am quite familiar with the sound of trying to kill something.)  Another spider he said but much smaller.  Suuurrreeee (liar, he just doesn’t want to scare me)…well I know a number to an exterminator.  One more sighting and they’re getting called.  We haven’t had any bug sightings since I can’t remember when.  Last fall I guess.  Luckily I have a can of spray by my bed and a plethora of shoes.

And that concludes today’s tour.   I’ve declared tonight date night.  We are way out of the practice ever since his mother came.  We had guests, I was away, things were going on and there goes date night, BUT I am declaring Thursday nights date night again.  Now I have to think about what to wear.

Until mañana,


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  1. Debbie Monahan on May 11, 2015 at 3:06 pm said:

    I love you color scheme and the place looks great!

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