The trouble with being a smart ass is that many times I feel bad afterwards. Turns out my eldest, and today favorite, son did not forget me and I received a lovely M-day card today. In my defense the card said I taught him to be a smart ass, so there ya go. Anyway, I’m taking this opportunity to publicly apologize. I’m feeling worse than usual about my faux pas. Motherhood comes with a lot of guilt. We dole it out and we feel it. It’s one of the downsides for sure.

In other news, it’s hot. I know most of my blogs last summer started and ended with “it’s hot” – it seems kinda early to be saying that.  I believe according to the weather people it is early. However, this is Florida and I shouldn’t really expect anything different. I’m not complaining, just stating a fact. People that don’t live here (me included before I moved here) might falsely think that on an off day, or during free time, one can go to the beach or lounge in the pool. What they don’t understand is it’s really too hot to do those things. So, I’m sitting inside with the TV on, watching a show that Zachary suggested, Daredevil, on Netflix. It’s pretty violent but it’s an action hero show so I guess violence is to be expected. I’ll just blog while the fighting is going on.

We’re signing a lease here for another year. Since we’re staying I think it’s time for curtains. I’m thinking some valances. That can be my next inside project. The front door needs painted too. I’m going to start thinking about that stuff. I need a new bathing suit too. I haven’t gotten a new suit since 2010. I think I’m due. Well wait, I did get a tank suit for “swimming” last year. Still I’m due. These are things I must think about today. I think I’ll look thru some catalogs. Better get busy with it,

Until mañana


2 Thoughts on “Summertime, and the living is easy…

  1. You’re funny…good like with the curtains and bathing suit hunt…oh ya and stay cool!! 🙂

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