Has anyone missed me? No need to respond. It’s only been a day.

Let’s see.. we had the end of the year Chorus concert for Zenah. She warned me that I might cry because they were singing a bunch of growing up songs for the seniors leaving, etc. I knew I wouldn’t cry because I don’t know a single soul, other than Zenah, at that school.

Which brings up another interesting tid-bit. Both me and my kids (my kids and I) went to the same schools. The grade schools were different but the same school district. Zachary actually had a few of the same teachers I had. I mean that’s just weird isn’t it? We all knew each other; the parents, the kids, we all were connected in some way. Now I know nobody. I mean I just find that interesting enough to note. Not one person. Well, I didn’t know one person when we moved here, I know a couple now.

So anyway, back to the chorus program. I recognized 5 of the girls in the chorus. I have given each of them a ride home at some point. So that’s progress. They don’t know me, but that’s beside the point. And when we sat down there was Joan (the new Mrs. Williams) who we see everywhere now. At restaurants, at school functions, around town. However, her grandson is a senior so we probably won’t see her again. Dolly, another work friend, has a son in the chorus and I saw him there, but I didn’t see her; although I know she was there as we were comparing notes earlier in the day about going. Just like a friend thing. So look how much progress I’ve made in a year.

The chorus concert was so good. There were a lot of solos by the seniors and they were blow-your-mind good. And well I teared up, a lot. Turns out I don’t need to know anyone to tear up. I’m sure you probably figured that out.

Also, the talent show was Friday night. Our girl did really well. It was a good show. Not sure why more of the chorus singers weren’t in it but it was a nice mix of talent. Dancers, a magic show and this kid that stacked cups. I’ve never seen a cup stacker before. He was really good.  Not that I’m partial, but I think our girl was the best!

What else…

horseback riding yesterday. Good grief it’s hot. I need to get there earlier. Not a great lesson. I almost went over his head one time when he stopped when I wasn’t ready for it. It is such a workout plus the added heat, I should be dropping weight in heaps and bounds, but alas….

I have just returned from the doctors. A checkup since last cholesterol reading. I am down 251 points. WOO HOO! But only down 2 pounds. The doc said “I can tell you’re trying since the numbers are down so much, what diet changes have you made?” Really? If I was trying at all I would have dropped a lot more than 2 pounds. But at least I didn’t go up in weight or cholesterol numbers. I guess that medicine stuff really does work, although since my cholesterol number is 333 (not weight number) she wants me to up the dose of the medicine to get it down further. I have mixed feelings about that. I think 333 is fantastic and I just need to eat less donuts, brownies and ice cream. But we’ll see. I’ll try it her way. I’ll double the dose AND keep trying that cutting back thing.

Tomorrow is old lady visit day (hospice) and then breakfast/lunch with a friend! I know, a friend! Then we have a free weekend I believe. It might be time to plan another weekend get-away with that boyfriend of mine. We are coming up on an anniversary! Next week it will be one year since we moved here. ONE YEAR!!! I don’t know if it feels like more or less. I think it just is what it is (right Di?)

Until mañana (or thereabouts),


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  1. Diane on May 17, 2015 at 11:55 am said:

    You’ve come a long way re: “it is what it is.” I’m glad you found your zen mode.

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