Seriously, I need to start a healthcare blog.  What I’m going thru is ridiculous.  I have benefits but hardly anyone reputable takes them (I’m referring to dental, I’m pleased with my doctor) – and then the dental “group” that takes them doesn’t really take them, they just say they take them and keep referring to an asterisk.  I mean seriously it’s crazy talk.

For instance, my insurance says for a crown I only need to pay $400 (for sake of the story).  And there’s a code associated with each of these charges.  So for charge 0085 (for sake of the story) the charge is $400.  So the dentist gives me the quote and for charge 0085 they say $800 (for sake of the story). When I tell them this is not what the provider is quoting me they seriously say things like “oh it doesn’t cover hidden costs”…and I respond, seriously?  you’re admitting to hidden costs?  Then they say something like, well do you see an asterisk, and I say “no, there is no asterisk” then they say well your insurance says that the fee is $600.  And so I call the insurance company and they say basically the dentist office is crazy, after comparing service care numbers (0085 for instance) they tell me that I only have to pay the $400 and that’s all I have to pay and they say and I quote “why else would the dental group say they take the insurance if they don’t honor it”  Ya know?  So I call them back and then they say they’ll submit the whole thing to the provider (my insurance) and get back to me but it might take a while.  That was February.  It’s now almost June.  I really just want my teeth cleaned. But back in February they said they can only do some kind of cleaning that the provider doesn’t cover (which is like $200) and if they just give me a regular cleaning it’s against the law.  Really?  Against the law?  I called this week and questioned why I’ve never heard back and she started again with the asterisk.  I mean seriously it’s like I’m dealing with mentally challenged people, not that there’s anything wrong with mentally challenged people, but when I need answers…well needless to say I’m not going to go back there because they’re just effing crazy. I mean seriously crazy.

So then I call back the expensive first dentist I went to (and couldn’t afford) and they said they participate with certain insurances, but they don’t accept insurances. She explained that basically if you have an insurance plan they might accept “some” of their money but then you have to pay the remainder.  And you need a PPO for that.  I have an HMO.  You would not believe the inside of his offices.  It is fancier than some spas I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a few fancy spas.  I think maybe one less Greek god fountain in the office and a lesser fee might be the way to go, I’m just sayin.

I received an advertisement in the mail yesterday that Humana (my health care provider) is now offering dental (and vision) and so for the same price as what I’m paying this other provider and not getting anywhere I can go through them.  The only problem is that when doing a Google search on ANY of these dentists that accept these insurances they ALL have bad reviews.  I am now trying a different approach and before signing up for this new dental plan I’m going to call around the dentist’s office first and see if they accept the provider amount or if there will be an asterisk and hidden costs and can someone just clean my teeth?  Anyone?  I’m seriously thinking about just coming back to Pittsburgh and going to my dentist up there.  I come up enough I might as well just stick with him.  Doesn’t anybody just do the service because it’s a service and needs done?

The first office I called on today’s quest only has office hours in Palm Harbor (where I live) on Mondays.  Sometimes he’ll come in a couple of hours on Tuesday.  I hung up.  There’s a big group practice on the list but I can’t find the practice on Google or one reference to any of the dentists in the practice. I don’t think that’s a good sign.  Too much like where I’m going now (or not going now.) The next one I am trying is just a guy, not a group.  I keep getting voice mail.  They probably don’t work on Wednesdays.

I don’t understand why it’s so difficult.  There are dentists in this area on every corner.  You got the fancy looking spa places and then the scary looking places.  Guess which ones take my insurance.

I just called to schedule the kids 6 month checkup with their dentist.  The kids insurance has also been changed.  They won’t take the new insurance.

I give up.



One Thought on “A dental venting

  1. Debbie Monahan on May 26, 2015 at 8:05 pm said:

    Oh my! What a challenge. I am very fortunate to have a friend that’s a dentist here at home. Now if you were here, he could help. Unfortunately he doesn’t make house calls to Florida…..well for the right price, maybe he would! Good Luck!

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