Here I am writing on a Monday night. It’s a holiday, I’m supposed to give myself weekends and holidays off from blogging so I can feel like I’m doing a real job. I know I know I give myself off other days too, but still. I try to maintain at least a little bit of a schedule. I remember the days when I worked at home and every Sunday night I would work. I’m telling you, working at home you do a lot more work. Sunday nights I would go thru whatever it was I had to go thru so I could start the mornings fresh on Monday. I remember starting at PPU that way too. But I soon found out there that nobody else was working Sunday nights so there really wasn’t anything to do. I mean nobody even checked their emails over the weekend. Totally different from what I was used to. That place was “dead” from Fridays on. No faculty, no students, not a whole lot going on. It was a hard transition. I liked being busier for sure.

So in light of that, I should be happy that I’m too busy this week (or at least tomorrow) to blog and so I thought I’d get one in tonight.   Tuesdays used to be my volunteer day. Did I tell you that last week after I was there an hour my afternoon relief showed up? When I teased her about reading her watch wrong she said her schedule changed and she was working at 10 am now. So now I even lost my volunteer job. I know, right? I can’t even GIVE it away. Oh well, so that opens up a day to have breakfast with Lori tomorrow. Then I’m picking Zenah up and we’re driving Tashah back to Davis Island. Tashah, daughter #2, was here visiting for the weekend but is moving in next weekend, just for the summer we think. So far she’s pretty much a god send with Jorden. She makes him help after dinner and he listens.  Wednesday is horse day in the morning anyway, Thursday is volunteer luncheon and visiting old lady day because Friday morning is my second Reiki I training class.

Say what? I know, how cool am I? Because I’m a Hospice volunteer, Suncoast Hospice offers free Reiki training to the volunteers because it is used so much with the patients. FREE training. Our training is done by Reiki masters too. It’s not like we’re being trained by lackees. I’m very excited about it. So after week 1 we are to practice on our family and pets. Sam is getting a lot of attention as is Phil. He says it’s very relaxing. I’m going to try some on the horse on Wednesday. I’ve been watching a few videos about it so I don’t spook the poor horse to death. We’ll see. Florida has a law that you are not allowed to practice Reiki for a fee. Something about massage therapists being “licensed” but Reiki people are only certificated. So no charging in the state of Florida. It’s okay, I’m not in it for the money. I just thought that was an interesting tidbit. And I’m very excited about being able to do this. Especially if I’m at all effective. The one girl in my class said there is a huge need in the care center here by my house. So maybe since I can’t get full-time work at least I could go to the care center during the days and be useful. Pay is nice but there has to be more to life than cooking and sweeping up dog hairs, oh and bathrooms.

So that’s my biggest news. There are only two classes that make up Reiki I which is all that is needed for us to be allowed to work on patients. It’s not really work, but you know, we have to wait for two classes to do our thing. There are Reiki 2 training classes in the fall but they want us to have about 6 months of practice before Reiki 2.

In other news, we had a lovely memorial day weekend. I made it to the beach twice. Once alone and then got hit with a thunderstorm, but really it was nice before the storm hit. Today four of us went and it was beautiful. Zenah stayed home and said it poured rain here at the house, but where we were, just 20 minutes away it was pure sunshine. Just gorgeous. Have I mentioned I love it here?


why is someone flying a kite in a thunderstorm


See the storm?


Today’s view…pure sunshine

In other weekend news, Phil and I were back on bikes. We had a lovely bike ride. Stopped for breakfast and then onto the junk store where we bought a new chair and Dave the pig. Yes he’s tin but I love him just the same. We love this one junk store, well I call it a junk store but really it’s called Antiques and Uniques. They have quite the assortment. We love our new chair. As does Sam. Dam dog…


Scenes from the bike ride – Crystal Beach Pier


Crystal Beach


New (to me) chair – I just love it


Meet Dave the pig – our latest addition. Don’t let him know he’s tin. He has feelings. I have taken that string off his neck too. 

Tonight for dinner we had a ribfest. (not related to Dave) We made two different kinds. Two marinades, two different ways of marinating, two different style rib meat and cooked one in the oven and one on the grill. I like the grilled ones. Love that burnt sticky stuff. Mmmmmm. Tomorrow it’s back to salads. We’ve been doing pretty good with our diets.

And I think you’re caught up now. I guess our year anniversary kind of came and went without fanfare. If I have time later in the week perhaps I’ll do a picture montage of the year gone by.

Until mañana or so,


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  1. Jennifer on May 28, 2015 at 11:53 am said:

    Seeing Dave the pig and reading your rib for dinner comment reminded me of a funny story. When Anna was 3 we had a small birthday party for her at Build A Bear. Anna picked a pink pig. When we went to the naming station and the worker asked Anna what she wanted to name her pink pig…Anna calmly replied “Dinner” 🙂

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