Happy June! Happy unofficial start of the summer. My second summer in Florida. How about that? I had to remind Philip the other day about how far we’ve come in a year. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees, or is it the trees for the forest? Anyway, in one year as far as setting roots, Zenah has been oh so successful in switching schools. Making new friends, in new committees, in the drama program, in a talent show, AND playing Lacrosse. Jorden brought his grades up dramatically and continues to be a good kid. Although even this morning said he prefers living in Beaver and Beaver school district over this one. That’s kinda sad but maybe next year he’ll meet his best friend for life. It can happen any time.

Me, I haven’t worked (as everyone knows) but I volunteer and am back to riding horses. I think that’s good progress. Jorden challenges me daily with my cooking skills and Zenah keeps me young by having me drive her hither and thither and letting her drive hither and thither.  Although I think letting her drive might be adding to the grey hairs.

We’ve made quite a few purchases. TWO cars, one Mercedes, always a status symbol, an older one but still fun to drive for sure. A new dining room table and several chairs to go with it, new bedroom furniture including the king size bed, a piano and our most recent new chair purchase!! We found the 55 inch TV set he previously had so we’re good on TV’s. I got myself a new smart phone (although perhaps shouldn’t go there because I’m not sure it’s recovering from the toilet episode), and lots of new clothes and shoes and jewelry. We are Floridifying ourselves and our house. I’m constantly cleaning out old stuff. My sister(s) have done well with my hand-me-downs.

We’ve had his mother, my sister and my two boys as house guests. I visited with Diane and Mary ann when they were in Florida and reconnected with Mary Cute and Mary Pat from Edinboro who are both Florida residents. I’ve also reconnected with Lori Weber, a hometown friend, who has moved back to this area. She’s my coffee (breakfast) buddy and she’s been very helpful in navigating the area. I’ve only seen Stephanie and Rick Cole once. I hope to see both of them more in the next year.

I visited Pittsburgh three times and my mother twice. Am getting ready for another Pittsburgh trip next week. A quick trip, but still touching base with the childrens is the goal. I don’t think they feel abandoned. Honestly it’s harder leaving all those babies (my great nieces and nephew) than my children. My mother might be on the twice a year plan, although my stays can be longer. Still want to get one more quick visit in to my mother per year.

I see Joan and Dolly around town and could almost call them friends, certainly people I can say hello to. I’ve made a lot fewer friends compared with my year living in Miami but then again I’m not 20 and waitressing and I’m happy with the people I do have in my life. Besides having a whole new family probably out trumps finding new friends.

We’ve gone on two weekend trips, one to Miami and one to my beloved Cabbage Key. This coming weekend our plans are to go to Orlando to see Marissa (remember her?) She’s in a play. I’ll be going with or without a companion. I originally bought tickets for Zenah and I but she is either going to Canada for a wedding or she has a LAX game. So I’ll have to take her another time. I’m hoping to turn it into a boyfriend getaway. Still loving my boyfriend and our getaways.

In review, I’d have to say I am having the time of my life. Sure there are things we don’t have yet. A boat, a house on the water, but really…seriously…those are like vision board goals. In the real world we’re still trying to navigate our health care options, pay the water bill and figure out what’s for dinner.

Philip has always told me that I want things to be perfect right away and I need to be patient. I had to recently remind him of his own advice. Looking back over the year I really love how things have unfolded. We had no idea how we would ever get a bed, and then we did. Or a car, or, or, or….and then one day you find yourself with a new chair and you realize that more and more you are setting down roots and starting over.

We are both starting over, big time, in different ways. We are coming from such different pasts and combining our pasts with our current selves heading into our future selves. I love how we’re progressing with each other and our relationship and with our “stuff.” It wouldn’t be fun at all to have it all at once. This slow and steady pace is much more rewarding. And really, coming from my past it’s not slow and steady at all. It’s lightning speed with all the sudden several dreams coming true.

Am I going to be depressed because we don’t have a boat yet? Sheeshhh. But really, I do need a new set of summer dishes. 🙂

Until mañana,


3 Thoughts on “A year in review

  1. Debbie Monahan on June 3, 2015 at 7:58 pm said:

    So happy for you and your new journey. It sounds like you are having a great time and enjoying whatever comes your way. Best of all, it’s filled with love.

  2. Ja Nelly on June 8, 2015 at 3:25 pm said:

    That is a great picture of all of you!!! I love pics like that! 🙂

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