Today’s task was to buy a new bathing suit. The last suit I bought was probably 5 years ago. Honest to god I think the last one I bought was this suit from Ross Dress for Less for 99₵. It’s Philip’s favorite. There’s nothing wrong with it other than it being a little snug, thus why it’s Philips favorite.  Not a good one to wear to the beach as a particular body part falls out with the tiniest of waves.  Then it’s the crowd favorite as well.

I decided to go through my bathing suit basket to see what I have before shopping, which brought up memories of my QV girls trip. I think that was in 2010 ish? Anyway, as a reminder I met 5 of my high school, really junior high school girlfriends in Florida for a reunion. Most of them I had not laid eyes on since high school graduation. A mere 34 years. What I was remembering today was Maddy, ever so Maddingly saying “when did you get tits? I don’t remember them from high school.” I know “tits” is a little harsh. But that’s what she said. It was hilarious. And she’s right. And a question I can’t answer and continues to perplex me.

In high school I was a nice little 34B, ya know? I remember in my 30’s moving up to about a 36C, thinking I was putting on weight. Well, I have put on weight consistently but WTF? My boobs are enormous. I had always thought I would get back to normal if I could just lose weight. However a couple of times when I have dropped weight they haven’t gotten any smaller. I think they’re here to stay.

Trying on bathing suits is always a reminder of this anomaly. Philip doesn’t complain however. One time I tried on this little shell top and it got stuck. I couldn’t get it off. He helped me. He said “aw honey, can we keep the boobs and just get a new shirt?” I tried on one of the bathing suit tops today and it also got stuck. He wasn’t here to help peel it over my head. I was mortified thinking I was going to have to get Zenah, or a pair of scissors. Believe me, scissors would have been my first option. After some twisting and turning I was able to get it off over my head. It’s going in the suitcase to my sisters.

I managed to find 3 suits that fit, wait make that 4 (I just remembered there’s a top in the laundry.) That’s pretty many. Even if they are all 5 years old. I put on the 99₵ one, boobs in tact, and floated in the pool instead of going shopping. It was my first pool float day of 2015. I read a book while floating, listened to music on our new Bluetooth speaker and promptly fell asleep; mouth open, drool trickling. A little slice of heaven today. A true Lyming day.

The kids pretty much stay hidden in their rooms. Both a blessing and a concern. But today, under beautiful blue skies I was thinking blessing.

Until mañana


4 Thoughts on “All about the boobs

  1. Mike Bobrick on June 4, 2015 at 4:49 pm said:

    Nice blog piece Lynn, but no bathing suit story is complete without pictures ; )

  2. Emily on June 4, 2015 at 6:03 pm said:

    I hit 30 last year. **looking down** Nope. Still no boobs.

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