Marissa was great!  The play was called In the Heights.  A story about Latinos living in Washington Heights.  Marissa was the only non-latino in the cast.  A lot of it was in Spanish (or is it Hispanic?) but I was able to get it. Marissa was in the ensemble, a great dancer, and was also assistant choreographer. How about that?  So very cool for her.

She hooked me up with a place to stay right inside Universal called the Cabana Bay.  It’s a retro design.  I had a nice little suite.  The resort is big and has a lot to do.  Unfortunately I was alone (don’t ask) and it was raining hard when I arrived.  The rain down here is pretty crazy.  It like dumps buckets of water onto the roads.  None of this light sprinkling stuff.  So anyway, there were hail warnings and dangerous lightning going on so I stayed put in the room until time to leave for the play.

I met her mom, dad and grandma (and another friend of hers) at the play.  After the play we went out to eat.  Stayed out until 2 a.m.  First time I’ve done that, by choice, since I don’t know when.  The next day was breakfast and then back home.

Orlando is the worst place to go alone.  I remember when I used to have meetings there.  I desperately missed my kids every time I was there.  I was missing them this time too.  There’s so much to do but being alone in a place like Disney is the pits. Although I did have a nice time with Marissa and her family. It is always great to see her.  She is working now at the Harry Potter attraction so maybe I’ll plan a day trip to see what that’s about.  It’ll have to wait until I can plan a Fall Family Fun day around it and get the boys down here to go with me.  I must say I love the atmosphere in Orlando.  Makes me feel all excited like a little kid.  I mean when you see that Mickey Mouse lighting pole is just has to make you smile.  Doesn’t it?

mickey mouse

You may be wondering why no pictures?  Have I been keeping you abreast of my cell phone woes?  If you’ve been following along  you know that I’ve been having difficulty since the toilet episode. Well the phone finally died.  Dead.  That was last Thursday.  So I went to Orlando without a phone.  I took an old IPOD so I could have email access.  But no camera so no pictures.  I guess I could have taken a real camera, I just forgot. Anyway, I have stopped at no less than 9 places since last Friday.  Three before leaving on Friday, 2 on Saturday, 2 yesterday and finally today I stopped at 2 more and the last one took it to try to repair.  I’m not going to go into all the different excuses I got but the one place wouldn’t touch it after I told them I dropped it in water.  So today I didn’t even tell the guy.  Let him figure it out I say. He says it’s a simple fix but will take 5 days. I left it there, then I went to AT&T to get an in-the-meantime phone.

So I got a $50 phone and was thrilled that my current SIM card would fit.  Except they couldn’t get the sim card in there, even though it supposedly fits.  So they said they’ll put the new SIM card in and just transfer the data.  Well, yea, no, cause it’s not in my name.  So I had to come home to do it. The only good news so far is they transferred the phone to my name.  But after an hour on the line we got disconnected so I am back on hold for the second hour of “am I not meant to have a phone?”   Seriously,  I mean seriously!

Mostly my life has been monopolized trying to get a working phone since last week.  But other than that quest I saw a really good movie yesterday, Woman in Gold.  I recommend it. Zenah and I went out to dinner last night and drove all around to see various sunsets.  A very nice night indeed.

Tomorrow I have TWO interviews.  Woo hoo.  Wish me luck!

Until mañana


PS – I have a working phone again!  A double WOO HOO!!  Only took 4 hours today.

2 Thoughts on “Stay calm…soldier on

  1. Jennifer Nugent on June 9, 2015 at 12:58 pm said:

    In a meeting last week with a bunch of Verizon folks I found out that there is a seal inside phones that changes colors when it hits water so the repair guys ALWAYS end up figuring out it was dropped in water…. Can’t believe we used to function without phones..

    • so now I’ll be a “marked” woman. I wonder if they’ll make me where a “W” on my shirt. At one of the stops the guy was practically harassing me asking me what kind of water., and he didn’t even fix Androids. I told him it fell in the sink. Really, just fix it!!!

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