Ahhh, I’m home.  Back from my visit home.  We’ve been over that before.  I had a lovely visit.  I was very sad to leave this time.  I think it was too short.  Plus I had some quality time with friends that I don’t usually have.  My biggest disappointment was the food at the Hotel.  It was awful.  But a blue crab sandwich at 424 the next day hit the spot.  I saw all the babies this time, Sewickley friends, Jimmy, John and Flo (got my Italian fix) and some of the Bunko girls.  I mean really, a very nice nice time.  There was a lot of complaining about the heat, to which I say…Seriously?  But still it is a different kind of hot there.  It just hangs there, so I get it.

I came home to a very nice boyfriend.  We went to dinner when I got in (yes it was 9:30 p.m. but that’s how we roll) and then a dozen beautiful roses, Sunday we slept and slept and then to Costco for treasures (and food).  I’m very excited about my new Tommy Bahama reclining beach chair that also has a little cooler on the back, lots of pockets and a backpack.  I mean does life get any better?  Also some Ranier cherries a pair of capris and some new moisturizer.  Life is good.

Then out to a birthday dinner at Rumbas.  We tried going to see the new Jurassic Park movie but the theater lost electricity.  We tried the next theater but it was sold out.  We’re going to try tonight again (I think) At least Jorden and I think we are.  We’ll see how the big guy feels after a day of work.  I also had another bday cake.  I had 4 bday cakes total.  One regular, one burnt almond torte, one white chocolate raspberry thing and one chocolate fudge.  I mean serious, delicious.  All of them.  And certainly time to detox now that I’m home.  Well after I finish off the fudge cake, THEN I’ll detox.

Sam had a beauty appointment today.  He looks and smells delicious and bonus, he didn’t eat any other small dogs or cats.  He was all in all pretty good.


I got the bad news that my phone is “toast”.  Makes me very sad.  But I’m really just as happy with my $40 phone.  I’m embarrassed that I couldn’t take care of a “real” phone.  Although the new $40 phone is just like a real phone, just can’t take selfies and the camera isn’t as good.  Oh well..life…and really it’s embarrassing to act like this is even a “thing.”  People are starving for heaven’s sake.

A short update today.  I gotta hit the stores.  Have to get my refund for my phone that they couldn’t fix.  Have to hit the bookstore, have to hit Old Navy (for Jorden), have to get to Winn Dixie, dinner then a movie and somewhere in there I have to shower.  Thank you to my boyfriend for having the house all clean and beautiful.  And now with a clean dog, well I probably don’t have to vacuum until tomorrow.

A couple of weekend pictures:


beautiful sunset over Pittsburgh from Zachary’s place (yes I added special effects)


Mya and I discovery of a fish pond at St. James


And then we took ALL the babies to the fish pond – with their Grandma


I just like this picture – from the fish pond.


Jimbo and  1/2 of the babies

IMG_20150613_134004 (1)

Jim and John’s new house – in progress


Welcome home – blurry flowers

Until mañana


2 Thoughts on “Life IS a bowl of cherries

  1. Debbie Monahan on June 17, 2015 at 11:01 am said:

    Nice to hear you had a wonderful time. Now back to a little reality….cooking, cleaning, sun bathing and horseback riding. Hard work…hehehe. The house is going to be great when finished. Where is it located or did I miss that in another post? I have a feeling all will be revealed when its complete. Enjoy your day.

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