There’s nothing like getting a phone call that starts off saying “you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want” to which I respond “you haven’t said anything” to which they ask you if your son has been arrested and is in jail.  WHAT?  WHAT?  And then you feel like you have to justify what you KNOW to be true.  Let’s see, I was just with him 4 days ago, I don’t remember any shackles or ankle bracelet.   It’s very unnerving even when it’s not at all true.  And this person is asking “are you sure?”  Like am I sure he’s not in jail?  Yea, pretty sure that was him I was with and I know where he is at this exact moment.  This is the way rumors get started.  Who do I have to sue?

What a way to start the day.  So I gotta shake that off.  I remember arguments with other people over things you KNOW but they want to convince you otherwise.  As an example, like I’m looking at my car, which is silver, and someone argues with me that I have a red car.   And I’m actually questioning myself and looking at my car again to make sure it’s not red. So really who’s the crazy one here? (me maybe?)

In other news, I had a dentist appointment this morning.  The VERY good news is we are down to only 2-3 crowns.  More will follow as the teeth give out but they are only requesting 2 for now.  Actually every dentist has been concerned with this one tooth that I had a root canal on but it was never crowned and they all say it’s going to break.  I had that done in 1984.  It’s NEVER given me a problem.  Never.  So they just need to back off.  The bad news is I couldn’t get them to agree to just a regular cleaning so I have to pay about $300 for that.  Thank god for credit cards.  But, I’m happy and on the way to clean teeth tomorrow.

I want to do some house cleaning today, but I also want to float in the pool and read some books.  I’m reading three books at the moment.  Neuromancer is one of those Sci-Fi classics on the top 100 books to read and I’m having a very difficult time getting into it, although I do want to know what happens to Case (the main character.)  I just don’t understand a word of it.

Cowboys didn’t get into simstim, they thought, because it was basically a meat toy.  He knew that the trodes he used and the little plastic tiara dangling from a simstim deck were basically the same, and that the cyberspace matrix was actually a drastic simplification of the human sensorium, at least in terms of presentation, but simstim itself struck him as a gratuitous multiplication of flesh input.  The commercial stuff was edited, of course, so that if Tally got a headache in the course of a segment, you didn’t feel it.

Anybody get that?  Anybody?  Yea me neither.  So I stole a Baldacci book from my sisters, The Forgotten.  It’s a story of bad things going on in a Florida town called Paradise.  The Florida town is a good connection and who doesn’t love a good Baldacci book?  Phil also got me a Reiki book for my bday and I’ve been reading that.  So you see?  Should I clean under Zenah’s bed for her as a treat for when she gets home?  Or do I read more Baldacci about Puller’s poor dead Aunt and who done it in Paradise?  Or should  I read up on what I should be doing with this Reiki stuff?  I’ll save the Sci-fi for when I’m finished with the other two.

I think I’ll go outside for 10 minutes in the 1000 degree heat and then come inside and do the floors.

And no, there is no work/interview update.  I continue to apply to jobs.  Just like I’ve been doing since 2009. You’ll be the first to know if there’s anything to report.

Until mañana (although tomorrow is a busy day, we’ll see),


One Thought on “My car is NOT red!

  1. scott monahan on June 17, 2015 at 12:18 pm said:

    simstim and my fiburfurlator. now bail your son out of jail you dead beat mom. signed brother

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