Hellooo…How long has it been?  Here’s what’s been going on:

Philip decided he needed a day so we decided to go to Sarasota for 2 nights.  Me, him and Jorden.  Sam went to the Pet Hotel.  Apparently Sam did okay as they did not call us to come back and there was no mention of us never bringing him back, so that should open up other travel opportunities for us.

So the three of us left Thursday night, a short hour drive to Sarasota and checked into the Hotel Indigo which is downtown Sarasota, close to the water (the Bay).  We might have been within walking distance of a couple of places but we drove everywhere.  The first night we found St. Armands Circle which is this very cool shopping district, in a circle. 🙂 We ate at Crab and Fin, a schnazzy place, and Jorden was very happy with his King Crab.  Afterwards, after ice cream of course, we went back to the hotel and hung out in the hot tub pools.  So instead of having typical swimming pools, they have two outdoor whirlpool pools.  One is hot and the other cold. Cold being relative.  More like normal, not cold.  Both of the pools had jets.  Anyway, Jorden had a great time running back and forth between them.


Sunset from Armands Circle. I miss my good phone camera

The next day we went to this place called Sarasota Jungle Gardens.  Very nice, clean, well-kept place with “rescued” animals.  Lots of birds, crocodiles, alligators, snakes, a couple little vermin I can’t remember.  We watched a couple of the shows.  I loved it.  It was very small and very clean and very not crowded.  They also take great care to let you know that all of their animals are rescue animals, not stolen from the wilds, and wouldn’t survive in the wilds.  I bet most of the birds were pets that people can’t take care of anymore.  A lot of these birds live to 80+ years old.  They have one bird there named Frosty who supposedly was on the Ed Sullivan show, the same night as Elvis Presley.  He rode a bicycle on high wire on the show, and did the same trick for us, at 79 years old!  How cute is that?  Here are some pictures.

IMG_20150619_103938 IMG_20150619_104147 IMG_20150619_113708 IMG_20150619_123133 IMG_20150619_130955

Then we went to a beach, I decided to go right at Armands Circle towards Longboat Key.  When Maryann was here we went left at Armands Circle to Lido beach, so I thought I’d try something different.  Longboat Key is very private.  Took awhile until we could pull over to go to a public beach.  Lots of gated communities.  But when we could, we pulled in to a public beach access, with 1 other car, and hit the beach.  It was so NOT crowded.  It was beautiful.  I mean beautiful.  A little smelly as there was something dead somewhere, but when the wind shifted it was ok.  Lots of dead things on the beach at times.  It happens.

That night we went to dinner in the downtown district of Sarasota and saw an amazing guitarist. After dinner we walked down to the marina, walked around looking at the boats and then checked out the giant statue.  Remember they had one of these in Pittsburgh too?  I believe this is a permanent installation however.

IMG_20150619_223351 (1)

Notice the couple in the foreground?

And then on Saturday morning we checked out their farmer’s market, had brunch and got home by noon.  Which was also lovely because we still had the weekend ahead of us.  The girls came back from Canada Saturday.  A good time was had by all.  They are happy to be home though.

Sunday was Father’s day and quite the doings around here.  Kinda like Christmas for Philip.  It was nice for him.  All his children here.  We floated in the pool, had a lovely dinner and then the long weekend was over.


This morning I vowed to get up early and walk the Causeway.  Why the Causeway?  This is why:

IMG_20150622_104659 (1) IMG_20150622_102254

Not only a great view but I was also hopeful for a breeze.  Luckily the cloud cover was helpful in keeping the heat down. I just walked.  No big goals to run a marathon or anything, I just want to walk.  You know, Just do it!  Hey, that could be a slogan!!.

I also talked with my Hospice people today and have another friend to visit.  She likes to play cards.  I said I hope she doesn’t mind if I dust her.  And they also are pulling together volunteers for their pediatric program and want me to get involved with that.  YAY!  No Reiki appointments yet though. Guess I’ll keep practicing on Phil and the dog.

And now you are all caught up.  Riveting stuff isn’t it?

Until mañana,


5 Thoughts on “Just livin the life

  1. Jennifer Nugent on June 23, 2015 at 1:19 pm said:

    Certainly more riveting than mine… Get up, feed everyone, go to work (either downstairs or in Frederick, MD or Trenton, NJ) go home, feed everyone, do errands, do kid paperwork (waivers, camps etc etc) go to bed. 6 hours later repeat. An old freaking parrot sounds kind of exciting in comparison 🙂

  2. Jorwig@pointpark.edu on June 24, 2015 at 12:07 pm said:

    Lynny, you have a fairytale ish life! Enjoy. Enjoy!!

  3. Ja Nelly on June 24, 2015 at 12:08 pm said:

    Lynny, you have a fairytale ish life! Enjoy!!

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