I believe I’ve mentioned that I read a couple other blogs, right? Don’t make me repeat myself..(sorry just channeling my mom mode) and today I read a very cute and very relevant one.  I am surprised at how international my blogs that I follow are.  I don’t know where they all live but I know generally the U.K., Nova Scotia, India and Azmi Amygdalae, the one I’m referring to today. I’m not quite sure where she lives. She’s twenty-something and started off on the blog post thinking her life’s a failure because she hasn’t “made it” yet.  Seriously?  But in the end she decides it’s really the process that counts.

OF COURSE we’ve all heard that a hundred thousand times, but it does take reminding at various times of our lives doesn’t it?  Jimbo is about to make a major decision and worried about it.  I’m like “Jim, you’re TWENTY-FOUR – get out there and make mistakes!”  It’s the only way to move forward.  Zachary, oh wise-one, said that to me once when I said something stupid (as usual).  He reminded me that it is Jimmy’s turn to make mistakes, I had my time.  In context this was in response to drinking types of activities.  We can grow out of activities but should we grow out of making mistakes?  Should we?  Maybe mistakes isn’t the right word.  Maybe the word I’m looking for is “risks.”  We should never grow out of taking risks.  They don’t always have to lead to mistakes, but if they do, then I think what we’re supposed to do is learn from them? Right?

This isn’t a blog about drinking, it’s a blog about learning, I think.  Wait maybe it’s about the journey.  Who knows, let’s just see where it goes.

It’s also about waiting to see where things lead us. (see?)  Azmi posted this graph and made a statement that Julia Child was a bored housewife in France and came up with her cookbook.  Kristin Beddard was bored in France and she came up with the Kale project.  Maybe I should be living in France?


I hate to admit it, but I’m not really bored.  I am pushing hard for more volunteer activities since working for pay is not really panning out (and I believe with all I have that these volunteer opportunities will be rewarding in numerous ways) but, I have to say, if there weren’t three kids living here I think I would be happier than sh*t sitting by the pool reading everyday, writing my little blog and/or watching TV in addition to the cleaning/cooking that I already do.  I mean I wouldn’t be a total bum, although I think laying on the couch would definitely increase. Other than really wanting some income, I’m just restless and well it’s hard living with a bunch of people.

For 30 years I pretty much lived with two children part-time and even then the schedules were so that I had A LOT of time to myself.  Plus being the mom you can set the rules of the house.  I’m not in that role here.  I think I’m just here to make sure nobody burns down the house, feed them at least once a day and/or to give them rides to wherever.  It’s not easy to know what to do with myself.  I can’t help but feel guilty for not knowing.  And I wasn’t even raised Catholic!

On the other hand, I am also thankful for them (those dam kids) for giving me any purpose at all AND for keeping me off the couch.  They sort of force me to find something to do just by their mere existence.  It’s a good thing!

I like what Azmi says about going through life in slow motion. That describes my life perfectly. Azmi says: Doing our process in slow motion could give us chance to savor the small detail and further the infinite. So far, i feel that taking long process for building a dream is equal to living in magical world.

My current life is a life in process (as is everybody’s.)  A year is not a long time for change to occur, right? Although change HAS occurred and then some.  I believe it is my time for “savoring the small details and furthering the infinite.”

Today the small details included walking (day two yay) laundry, opening an Amazon box (presents from Zachary) getting a new book to read (Middlemarch – a long one with small print…I think I need to start ordering big print 🙁 ) writing the blog by the pool, and savoring life.

I was reminded several times today of various successes that happen later in life and the twists and turns and risks that people take in their life time.  Who says God doesn’t speak to us?  He was all over me today.  I AM living the dream aren’t I?  Like Azmi, I too am living in a magical world!

Until mañana,


6 Thoughts on “I hear you..

  1. Scott monahan on June 23, 2015 at 4:25 pm said:

    Nice one…and now I feel ok about starting over and going to medical school. Please stand by…

  2. Debbie Monahan on June 23, 2015 at 5:26 pm said:

    Loved this one. Very true thoughts.

  3. Thanks so much for your beautiful post, Lynn. Your experience just add more motivation in my life to live happier and always being grateful. Can’t wait to experience motherhood myself X) kinda nervous for the challange tho.

    Lol, I suddenly miss Paris after reading this post. Btw, I am Indonesian that living in Germany. Thanks so much for linking back to me Lynn. Will edit my post to put your Web address there. 😉

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