I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m literally going between walking in circles and standing still looking in the mirror.  I went for my walk this morning, you know Florida heat and all, so should probably get a shower.  But then I want to take a nap because for some reason last night we were up until like after 2:00.  AFTER 2:00. (I’m going to blame the late day ice tea.)  I also need a pedicure and I wouldn’t mind floating in and subsequently sleeping in the pool.  Do you see my dilemma?

I mean I don’t want to shower if I’m going in the pool, unlike all the signs we’re used to from our youth “please shower before entering pool.”  Who does that?  You only have to shower again after the pool anyway, right?  And since I’m so tired I would probably fall asleep floating in the pool, which is sometimes okay but I just don’t know if I want to bake in the sun today.  Have I mentioned it’s hot?

Jorden pointed out to me the other day that I say “it’s hot” a lot.  He’s right.  I’m not sure why I do that. It made me remember that when I started getting hot flashes I used to announce them all the time. Marissa and I would be sitting in my office and I would look at her and say “hot flash” – I wonder what she thought.  Like was she supposed to fan me or something? LOL.  Poor girl.  I guess I just wanted her to be aware that I wasn’t having a heart attack.  Not sure why I mention the heat all the time here too.  I think Jorden realizes this is Florida, it’s hot, it’s ALWAYS hot, why do I have to announce it.  Dam kids, so freakin logical.

Back to my dilemma, I could get the shower and then take a nap indoors in the a/c and forget about the pool for today.  I do like a nice pool day on Saturdays so should just wait until tomorrow.  I also need to run to the store to get items for dinner.  I’ve decided to make good old-fashioned spaghetti (these days known as pasta).

Can you believe that this family of mine (the new one) has never seen the Godfather movies?  We watched I and II this week.  Last night was Godfather II.  In some scene they were eating pasta and we all went ooohhh.  So today I thought I’d channel my inner Nunni and make some sauce.  Since we’re not Italian, I don’t have any sauce on hand.  I know, I know.  Growing up in Sewickley it’s pretty much a staple in anyone’s pantry.  You should see Jimmy’s freezer in his apartment.  His Nunni sends him home with sauce every time he comes back.  Nunni’s are the best.

So in my quandary state I decided to sit down and knock out a quick blog.  Quick just to touch base and quick because there is nothing new to report and no inspiration to share and really I just needed a minute to collect my thoughts because I’m over tired and needed to figure out my plan of attack for the day.

And see? Just a little blogging and I’ve come to my decision:

Shop (for sauce ingredients)
Make sauce
THEN nap!!

So many decisions yet I’m on it!  I mean really, who wouldn’t want to hire me. 🙂

Have a great weekend,


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