Where did I leave off?  Showers, nails, walking, naps I think.  You will be happy to note all missions accomplished.  Nails are blue.  Not sure about the color but it’s kinda growing on me.  I made delicious spaghetti sauce Friday night and decorated the table with oranges.  You Godfather fans will get.  Let’s see what else, a lot of sleeping and floating went on over the weekend, mostly Sunday and I’m feeling all caught up, for now.

So yesterday I did a “work” project.  I know! No time for blogging. I can’t talk about it but I have to say I kinda liked it.  It was re-using parts of my brain that I haven’t used.   Well I don’t even know if that’s accurate because I do use those parts of my brain but still, it was something different.  I will talk more about it later.  I called Jeff (Hi, Jeff) for something work related and he forwarded me this video (see below.)  He also told me he reads the blog all the time. I am genuinely amazed at how many people read this.  My numbers aren’t high but it seems like I’m always getting confirmation that it’s being read.  Which, in my adopted catholic way, is making me feel guilty that it’s not more interesting. I guess there’s something to be said for fluff, right?

I have a house full of Bakers today, minus Phil.  I’m also trying to clean. I  did get one bathroom done and some vacuuming.  Floors will have to wait.  Zenah is having a friend stay over and well I don’t want her to think we’re slobs.  I asked her to think about that bathroom upstairs and whether or not she wants a friend to see it.  She just groaned.  I think I’m going to leave it.  Maybe their papa will want to give it a once over later.  I did it last time. 🙂

Speaking of Papa, we took Zenah up to Aunt Leslie’s last night.  We (I) let her drive.  Philip said if I wanted to let her drive I had to sit up front with her.  Dam him.  I like sitting in the back relaxing and letting him do the invisible brake, but the trooper I am, I sat up there and we stuffed him in the back of the Mercedes. It’s a small car.  I really am having second thoughts about that car. I love love love driving it but it’s small.  The doors are heavy, the driver’s seat is low, getting in and out of the back is next to impossible, no Bluetooth that I can figure out either.  But I do love driving it. Anyway, we dropped her at Leslie’s and headed over to Wiregrass Mall for a date night.  What a nice night too.  Wiregrass Mall is outside.  So we just wandered around.  I tried on clothes and he got lost in the music store. LOTS of guitars.  Ended up in the bookstore.  I mean just a nice night meandering.

There’s movement in the Baker household.  Doors slamming, people coming and going. Should I be doing something? I better go check.

I’ll leave you with this video that Jeff sent me yesterday.  I laughed till I cried.

Until mañana,


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