I live in an oven.  A moist heat oven.  Not quite a steamer but not a dry oven like Arizona.  I hated Arizona. Everyone, including myself, thought I would love it because I do love the heat but honestly I couldn’t breathe.  It was exactly like sticking myself inside a 400° oven.  It’s not quite like that here.  Don’t get me wrong, it is hot.  So, I’ve been walking in the mornings.  I drive a couple of miles over to the causeway because it’s more scenic and there’s the possibility of a breeze off the water.  I’ve been experiencing all kinds of weather during my walks.  One day I could see in the distance all these storms out there and sure enough ½ way through they all converged, right on top of my route.  The good news was there was no lightning.  There’s almost always lightning.  But this day I waited it out, briefly, by the bathrooms with some other folks and then, well then I just went for it.  The wind pelted me, sideways rain and all, and the thing I was most concerned with was the draw bridge. I didn’t want to be picked up by the wind and dropped into the sea.  Literally.  But by the time I got to the bridge the storm was passing and well I obviously made it across and have lived to tell about it.  I thought perhaps Philip would have been worried about me but when I came home he was still sleeping, or had just gotten up maybe, and didn’t even know there was a storm.  That whole concept there could be some sort of life inspirational blog topic.   The fact that you are going through a storm and fighting your way to get back to someplace or someone and that person is oblivious to your fight.  Hmmm I say hmmmm. Can I do anything with this?


So I’ve been very good at my morning walks.  Yesterday there was a lovely breeze which helped the heat factor.  The thing is when I start out the sun is to my back, it’s not so bad, but after my 2 miles down and I turn around half beat, then the sun is glaring at me, full force, on my face and person.  When I got back to the car yesterday my face was drenched with sweat, today too.  This is a new sensation for me.  Sweating profusely and all.  Is it good for the pores?  Am I getting rid of toxins?  Also seems a little gross to blog about.  How did I go from almost inspirational to gross.  Is there a blog in that?  Hmmm,


Bottom line is, I’m a trooper.  I’m walking here.  I did cancel my horseback riding until further notice though which makes me very sad.  I can walk at 8 am in the blazing heat by the water with very little clothes on, but I can NOT put on jeans and half chaps and get on a horse.

The issue is not the temperature as much as the “feels like” temperature.  You know in the north where you have the wind chill factor?  Well here it’ll say temp 86°, feels like 102° or 1,000°.  If it was just 86 I would do it.  If I had Erin here yelling at me, I would do it, but I don’t and it’s hot and I’m a sissy.  I was hoping my instructor would respond with some options but she has not. 🙁 Oh well,

And yes, I’ll still take this heat season over a northern winter any day.  ANY day.

What else,,, Zenah had a friend stay over last night and all the kids were here.  So somewhere in this house there are 5 children, one dog and me.  I have to say it’s pretty quiet for all those people.  Zenah and her friend made this brownie concoction for breakfast.  A layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, a layer of Oreos and a layer of brownies.  That was their breakfast.  I had bought bacon, eggs, blueberries for pancakes but nooo.  Brownies.   So as not to insult them I had to try some too.  I’ll probably go into sugar shock before I end this blog.

That’s all I have.  I mean it’s good.  All is well. Life is good.  Life with the Bakers.  Hmmm, well now.  Do I have my first book title?  Who will play me in the movie?

Until mañana,


One Thought on “I’m walking here

  1. scott monahan on July 1, 2015 at 11:43 am said:

    moms mabley could play you in the movie?

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