I think in my next life I might want to stay in the same house from the beginning of my children’s life to the end of mine.  You know what made me think of this today?  Rubbing alcohol.  When I moved out of Fair Oaks I remember packing up like 3 or 4 bottles of rubbing alcohol.  Why so many?  Well, if I remember correctly I didn’t have a whole lot of storage so I probably could never find the last one I bought.  But when I moved I was finding all kinds of treasures.  Lots of rubbing alcohol, lots of scotch tape, many many pairs of scissors, band aids galore, treasures I tell you treasures.  Imagine the treasures you find when you live in the same house for ever and ever and never clean the attic out and still have all your kid’s school papers from pre-school on up.

Now I have one Tupperware bin for each kid, one for myself too.  These bins are supposed to hold all our memories.  I had to scale down you know when I moved.  But looking back I think I would have liked to save everything in that attic then when I died those kids could go through the stuff and pitch it.  Ya know?  I mean the rubbing alcohol in the house alone would have been worth something.

Today I had to buy rubbing alcohol.  I looked under our sink and there was none.  How does that happen?  Where did all those bottles go that I packed up 5 years ago before I began my nomadic adventures?  I had to spend almost $2 on it.  I remember when it was 89 cents.  What in the world is going on with alcohol?

Well, I think I’m back to embracing the “stuff.”  I went through the clean out and scale down period only to be thrown back into a house with stuff, and now I’m getting back into the swing of accumulating more stuff.  I mean the dishes thing alone…well it’s hard to shake; although I am happy to report that I held back from buying summer dishes.

Now when we see something we think of buying I say, let’s wait for the real house.  We need a 5 bedroom house on the water and that will be the end of the nomadic period for both of us.  We will fill it with new stuff and keep more stuff in the attic and garage (cars will have to be parked outside).  I will embrace the stuff.  I mean why not.  It’s nice to scale down and I proved to myself that I can do it but when living with all these people, and wanting to make room for more to come and go, well scaling down is not an option.

I am officially putting it out there that there will be one more move into our forever home. And it won’t be small. Of course I have no job and at this moment in time, this moment today, this could not happen, but that is not to say that it won’t happen ever.  Tomorrow we could win the Mega Millions, tomorrow I could come up with a book idea and a subsequent advance from Random House, tomorrow could bring many things.

But for today, I will stock up on rubbing alcohol for each bathroom, for when the time comes.


It’s going on the Vision Board…




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