It’s hard to be upbeat when I know my PPU friends are still reeling in the aftermath of the cutbacks.  But since I’ve been told more than once that people live vicariously through my adventures I shall go ahead and share some of them..

Going back to 4th of July – well, we almost died.  Almost. We were proud of ourselves for getting over to Safety Harbor, finding a parking spot 7 blocks away, not bad, although I have a limp and was dragging behind, literally. We got a place on the ground seated around some Steeler fans from Greensburg, layed down our blanket and awaited the night with hotdogs and cokes for the fireworks event to start.  We decided that Steeler fans are loud.  Anyhoo, an hour or so before the fireworks were to start this happened:


Multi colored clouds are never a good sign

Once the rain and wind started we got up from the soon to be wet ground and wrapped ourselves up in blankets and towels.  Then we thought we’d go out onto the Pier to wait it out.  I know, sounds like a stupid idea doesn’t it? BUT down here it really can blow over quickly.  We weren’t the only ones that thought about the Pier.  Also, it wasn’t that bad when we went out there.  But it got bad.  Real bad.  I was very worried for the boaters out in the Harbor.  One kayaker pulled his kayak under the Pier.  I mean it got ugly.  Lots of lightening and lots of rain.  So we waited it out.  Our blankets were soaked, as were we, from the sideways pelting rain but I have to say our mood was pretty light.  It was quite an adventure.  I announced that If the Pier was going down it was every man for himself and swim to shore. It lasted a little longer than we anticipated.

Since I’m here to talk about it you know the Pier didn’t go down.  We left our fellow pier-mates as soon as it started to slow down and headed for the car.  We assumed the fireworks were cancelled.  However, on the way back to the car we overheard that they would be set off no matter how long they were delayed. Still we hobbled  (I hobbled) back to the car, Jorden was freezing now, we started heading home and the fireworks started.  We were stuck in traffic with a perfect view of them.  The traffic didn’t move until it was over.  I must say.  We had a GREAT seat.

IMG_20150704_214605 (1)

My camera doesn’t do it justice.

So there was that..

What else…Oh Philip made a delicious dinner the other night.  Stuffed the dutch oven with rice, then chicken, then veggies.  A regular Emeril he is.


Pretty AND delicious

Let’s see..we went to this park called Weeki Watchee known for their mermaids, but we missed the Mermaid show.  We did catch the River Cruise and the water slides.  The water park is spring fed.  Very clear water although a bit chilly at a constant 75 degrees.

IMG_20150703_155620 (1)

The water is crystal clear and shallow. So what you’re seeing is the bottom of the little river thingy.

2015-07-03 16.36.51

My misguided attempt at copying the mermaid. My hand placement is wrong and I’m looking up instead of down. Otherwise we’re like twins.

Yesterday I might have mentioned going to Cute’s. I must say it was one of the most relaxing days I have EVER had.  Her place is so nice, right on the water, and really I don’t know how you get anything done when the water is right there and well there is sitting to do.  We went out on the boat twice.  Once before lunch.  I got to drive:


Captain Lynn

And then early evening.  We were driving into a storm so we had to turn around and go back.


Cute in front of the boat. (“Cute” is her name, well actually it’s Mary Cute, but anyway…)


Behind the boat, more lightning in those clouds. We outran it though 🙂

There are a lot of storms here in the Tampa area.  I heard on the radio the other night that Tampa holds the record of most lightning strikes in the country!  Isn’t that something?

Let’s see what else.  My 2:00 cancelled for today so I think I might read a little.  Tomorrow is a full day with Hospice stuff as is Friday.  They’ve asked if I’d be interested in being a Doula. (click on Doula to read about it).  I have to give them an answer by tomorrow. Keep in mind that these pregnancies and births would not be healthy or living, thus the hospice component.  Yea, I gotta think about this one.

I sure do have a lot of hospice opportunities.  I think I’ll write to Obama and see if they can make volunteer hours count for health care.  Isn’t that a good idea?

That’s it for today. Not much in the way of inspiration.  But it is mindless…for those looking for a distraction.

Love and kisses and until…


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