the little red hen

I was thinking of giving my two-week notice today.  After sitting two hours with my one old lady playing Sequence and Rummikub, which was fun, I went and picked up Zenah, then drove her thru someplace for lunch, I ate there too – see?  Sooo bad for me.  Then dropped her off and went to Steve’s for produce, the post office, Winn Dixie and Subway for the other two to get them something to eat.  It’s hot, I’m hobbling and I had more groceries than I’ve seen in a while (I think I went over budget.)

Did one person help unload the car?  No.  Did one person help put the groceries away?  No.  Did either of the two come and get their sandwiches which I made sure were fresh and hot when I brought them home?  No.  Did anyone unload the dishwasher and then put the other dishes in there?  No.  See what I’m sayin?  There’s THREE grown children here.  THREE.

Here’s the thing though.  If their Dad (or Diane Hess) was here they would all be running out to the car to help, everyone putting things away, you know, like they should be doing.  I don’t think I’m helping matters here.  I mean I’m not going to waste all those groceries and leave them on the floor because no one will help.  Ya know?  I’m not about to yell at them because they’re like adults and well I can’t even get Jorden out of bed.  I thought I’d entice him with Subway but that’s not helping either.

damn kids.

Probably 98% of all of these problems are just kids in general, not really having anything to do with anything wrong with anybody or them hating me but here’s the thing…. I really wanted to retire and live on the beach and take walks with my boyfriend.  And to make matters even worse, I can’t even walk because my foot is so messed up.

I was walking everyday but in week three my ankle/foot started to hurt.  So I kept hobbling along, but now it hurts alllll the time, I hobble allll the time and it hurts. It hurts too much to walk. Today it’s swollen.  Have I mentioned it hurts?  And no, I don’t have insurance anymore because I couldn’t find a job.  It was on my to-do list today to see what I have to do next with this health-care mess.  I don’t think I’m going to get to it cause I’m already too miserable.

I know it’s not like me to complain on here but this is all I got today.  Maybe it’ll help others to know that it’s really not always sunny in Florida.  I have money problems, I have health issues, I have teenager issues, and it’s really hot.

But on the plus side, I don’t have a job that I hate going to, that doesn’t pay me enough. (this is a pro and con)  It’s not cold and rainy, it’s not freezing EVER, there’s Med Express for emergencies.  Oh and get this, American Express upped my credit limit (no I’m not going to use it).

Zenah appeared after all the groceries were put away and showed me where to hide my dark chocolate candy bar for later. So, there’s that. And Tashah thanked me for her Subway. I guess that’s enough for me to stay a little longer.

Maybe I can talk them into playing Rummikub with me.

Have a nice weekend,


2 Thoughts on “The Little Red Hen is alive and living in Palm Harbor

  1. Diane on July 10, 2015 at 8:18 pm said:

    Recently, I’ve been trying to convince my dad, brothers, and a few co-workers that I am NOT bossy. But I have to admit if I was in FL, I think those kids would be doing their share. Hmmmm. I’m bossy? My sister-in-law, Lyyn, said I’m the boss, but not bossy. She said there’s a difference. I think I’ll go with that.

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