I suppose I should quickly blog to let my 28 fans know that I have NOT taken the bridge.

I spent 2 hours on the phone this morning discussing my health care options.  One of the burdens of living in Florida is that they chose not to have some safety net feature, which I think Zachary explained before in a comment…anyhoo so get this…If I don’t get a job by the end of the year I’ll owe about $6000 in penalties for NOT working and using health care.  In other states if you don’t work it automatically rolls into Medicaid (whatever the free one is)..so there’s that.  All I have to make is $15,000.  My customer service rep says she believes in me.  So now that I’ve lowered my expected income to $15,000 I get even MORE tax credits making my premium $0; although Humana says I owe them $900 for the months where the tax credits were cancelled.  Do you see the conundrum.  Anyway, there is an appeal in the works which takes 90 days…30 days down and I have no idea if I can make a doctor’s appointment or not.  I’m thinking now once my foot issue is cleared up I’ll try Kohl’s again.  Phil likes that job for the discount.  My man is always thinking.

I continue to have three teenagers in the house…wait one is in her 20’s but teenager-esque. Phil said he’s going to do a PowerPoint presentation on how to load and unload the dishwasher.  I’m hoping lesson #2 can be when and how to empty the kitchen garbage.  People just keep stuffing trash in there.  The main thing that helped is hearing from Jennifer that her kids (same ages as these kids) don’t help either.  So it’s not just me.  I wonder if “dam kids” could be the name of my book?  Hmmmm…perhaps I’ll work on that idea.  I remember having an idea years ago when Jimmy was a freshman in college, to start a book about things we take for granted that we need to tell our kids before they go out into the world.  Obviously a better title is needed.  But the incident prompting this was that his friends picked up a broken parking meter that had been knocked over and were starting to walk with it.  The police immediately arrested them (and Jimmy).  But really, drunk 19-year-old college students…is that something that we think to tell them before leaving the nest?  Don’t pick up any parking meters? Well, it’s going in the book…as soon as I start it.  All charges were dropped against Jimmy by the way, but for you parents with children starting college, when you see that option to pay $7 for legal services – CHECK IT!!

Philip and I had a lovely Saturday. He asked me not to give my 2 week notice so I am reconsidering. It’s nice to be wanted.  We ended up floating in the pool a little on Saturday then off to this restaurant, Jimmy Guana’s, on the water at Indian Rocks, looked at boats and dreamed a little, went for ice cream and ate it on the beach during a beautiful sunset. We stopped on the way home to play pool (billiards) – I won, 2 out of 3. He’s a good dater.  Worth emptying the dishwasher.

jimmy guana's

This is the table where we sat on Saturday

Sunday he took two of the three to a movie and dinner, Zenah went with a friend and I laid on the couch!!  I KNOW.!!!  Home alone!!! I was so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself.  I thought of calling Di and talking about nothing, I brought in two books, I had the TV to myself.  I vacuumed before laying down so I didn’t feel like I had to clean (actually Zenah helped…!!!) and well then anyway I ended up talking to my mom, read a few chapters and then watched Legends of the Fall.  That is such a good movie.  I mean you just cry from beginning to end don’t you?  The last 5 minutes of the movie the family descended upon me (came back home.)  Actually Zenah came home earlier and I looked at her mortified like WTF?  But she just laughed and left me to my evening of solitude.

So life is back to normal.  It’s still hot, I still hurt, I’m disappointed about the walking thing interruption, but I went to the beach for sunset you know?  I mean this is what we do now.  Any day we want we can go to the beach.  I miss the farmer’s market, don’t get me wrong, and the lushness of Pennsylvania in the summer, but really….I think I’ll give it another year or 20 before considering moving back.

Until mañana,



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