Well there’s all kinds of exciting stuff to think about today.

First there’s the Pluto thing:


Which begs the question; is it or isn’t it a planet?  And why does it matter?  So if I really want to I could research those questions. If I really wanted to.  Jorden was the one that informed us about it happening last night and showed me the first picture this morning.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing more pictures.  He pointed out the heart on the surface.  Took me awhile but I see it now.

Then there’s the very sad story of Kaufmanns/Macy’s closing it’s doors in Pittsburgh.  I know there are plans to turn Smithfield Street into a mega retail district. I just hope they can pull it off and not have all the empty buildings.  Ah well, another end of an era.  A very long era to boot. I mean everything is empty.  The Warner Theater?  Gimbels and Hornes are offices.  Saks?  Is there anything in Saks?  I guess the peak was in the 80’s when all those places were up and running.  It wouldn’t be so sad if they put something else in.

There’s some storms going on here everyday, but it’s hit or miss for everyone.  That’s not really news worthy.  But after Pluto and Macy’s I got nuthin.

Well there’s this: Allegiant Air is having a really good sale.  I could come up north for a visit very cheaply in the Fall. I just don’t know “when” I should do this. And now we have two at the high school which is a bit of a walk, but they can ride their bikes right?  Right.  So there’s that to think about.

I’m reading this fantastic book, Middlemarch.  I think I’ve mentioned it before?  It’s written in around 1870 and the English is amazing. It’s very intoxicating.  I read a review from a fellow (successful) blogger who said she wanted to read every sentence to her husband and I now know what she means.  I keep wanting to read some of these passages to someone.  I tried once and both Phil and Zenah said “too many words.”  While true it’s still…well here, here’s one:

Little details gave each field a particular physiognomy, dear to the eyes that have looked on them from childhood: the pool in the corner where the grasses were dank and trees leaned whisperingly; the great oak shadowing a bare place in mid-pasture; the high bank where the ash-trees grew; the sudden slope of the old marl-pit making a red background for the burdock; the huddled roofs and ricks of the homestead without a traceable way of approach; the grey gate and fences against the depths of the bordering wood; and the stray hovel its old, old thatch full of mossy hills and valleys with wondrous modulations of light and shadow such as we travel far to see in later life, and see larger, but not more beautiful.  These are the things that make the gamut of joy in landscape to midland-bred souls – the things they toddled among, or perhaps learned by heart standing between their father’s knees while he drove leisurely.

See?  It is a lot of words but it’s captivating isn’t it?  or not…I mean we’re like sisters.  We both tend to ramble on.  Talk about your run on sentences…but still it’s beautiful and I’m enjoying it.  I do need to pay attention when I read it however, it’s not one of those books you can zone out of. Well, actually I guess I could zone out, but then I’d miss all those words.

Well anyway, that’s it for today.  Mostly today I’m the taxi.  Which is okay, not complaining, just reporting.  Cause that’s what I do…report on my day.  And now it’s raining. So my report is complete with weather news as well.

Until mañana,


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