I know I know. I’m so off schedule.  I try to get these blogs out during the day so the distraction comes at the right time (afternoon) so I’m failing miserably aren’t I?  I’ve been so busy, I’m sorry.

So first of all, it’s been raining and raining and raining.  I mean we have fields in our yard now that used to be gravel.  Our pool is almost over flowing and don’t get me started on the fear of what’s going to be coming out of the ground (snakes, bugs, trees).  I just heard on the news that right off the coast where I live they measured EIGHT inches of rain.  A lot of that is in our pool.  It’s crazy.  But it is keeping the temperature down.  And as it turns out my car doesn’t do so good in the rain.  It likes to fishtail.  Kinda unnerving.  And then the traffic here in the rain is another thing all together.  So there’s that, that adds to the length of my day.  It takes twice as long to get anywhere.  But truthfully I like the rain…just wish I could stay home in bed while it’s raining.


maybe we’ll have a field now instead of gravel


can you see how full it is? My camera is not that good.

I’ve been doing a lot of hospice stuff this week.  I’ve had appointments and meetings.  I’ve picked up an extra day and will start on Tuesdays at the care center offering Reiki.  I still have my two other people I visit/play cards with and now they want me to shadow some birth mothers and witness several births before going through the Doula training.  That is an EXCELLENT idea as I just don’t know how I will react to this experience.   Stay tuned!

Let’s see what else.  Oh I went to get my haircut today and FIVE people quit just today.  Including my Nicole.  So I left without choosing a different stylist.  There’s been an ownership change.  Guess five of them didn’t like the change.  It happens apparently.  I’m going to follow my hairdresser.  Good ones are so hard to find.

We start vacation tonight.  Philip is on vacation all next week!  It’s very exciting.  I like having him around.  I’m sure he’ll be ready to go back after a week with us crazies but let’s not go there yet.  We don’t have any big plans so we shall see what comes up.

I think that’s all I have.  I need to get the girl to work and publish this.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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