the fluTwice now I’m late getting this out.

Here’s why:

Zener and I went to the movies on Saturday.  We went and saw Jurassic World.  My second time.  I gotta say I liked it just as much the second time.  Anyway….ya know, Philip, god bless him, gets irritated at the movies when it’s crowded and people ask him to move so they can get seats together. And then I get irritated at him thinking what’s the big deal?  Well so Zenah and I were early and got seats right in the center, first row, where we wanted.  And then it got crowded and right before the movie starts someone asks us to move over so they can get three people together.  And now I get it. I thought, ya know, we came here early because we want these seats, right here in the center, and also there were no seats in front of us so we could put our feet up.  Zenah moving down one now couldn’t put her feet up.  It’s not a huge thing but I now understand his irritation.  And then, get this, this part IS a huge thing, the person that sat next to me was so sick.  I mean you could hear the flu in her lungs and she was coughing, like a really sick cough the whole movie.  I wanted to cry. And I’m looking at her like SERIOUSLY? Why are you here?   I mean, the least she could have done was sit in the middle of her group of three and get THEM sick. What is wrong with people?

The end of this story is, I’m sick.  I’m full of whatever it is she was spitting out and well this has been my day..walking ….nap….shower…nap….shopping for someone’s birthday tomorrow…then a short short blog because?  I need another nap.

I hate sick people at the movies and now I get it why Phil gets irritated when people ask us to move when we’re late.  He says the polite thing to do is split up because we’re late, not ask people to move.  I get it!!  I’m a quick study.

Happy Monday,


One Thought on “Move over

  1. Scott monahan on July 21, 2015 at 11:44 am said:

    That makes me mad too! Kind of like flying home at Christmas…it’s almost a sure thing someone’s hacking the whole way….eeewwwwww!

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