writers block 2

I was just reminded that I haven’t posted anything.  Yes I’m slacking.  I’ve got a lot of excuses though.  Wanna hear them?

First, I believe you all know I’m a little sick this week.  Yesterday I was finally able to do absolutely nothing.  We did walk in the a.m. but then home, shower, bed…allllll day.  And it has worked. Today I’m feeling better.  Not 100% or even close but I got out of bed so that’s an improvement and I’ve done some things on the computer.  So go me.

It’s vacation week for Philip.  We’ve been walking every morning together.  That’s a nice thing.  I’ve been pretty much a slug after that though.  However he’s been doing some stuff.  Yesterday he finally went for his massage that he got at Christmas.  He was a pretty happy camper.  Then he took the entire family bowling.  Turns out his eldest daughter is a bowling shark.  Perhaps after she gets tired of the executive chef gig she can try bowling as a career.  or not..  Also it turns out that Jorden is a good pool (billiards) player.  Guess I’m going to have to challenge him. Anyway, so they had a nice time.  Also his birthday was Tuesday.  I ended up buying a sandwich ring and chicken from Publix. Got out of cooking for a couple of days which has also been helpful in my recovery.  And I might add a very tasty decision. I did make a tortellini salad which was delicious. Anyway, all the kids were here for a day or so which is nice for the Papa.

One nice family thing that happened, in my opinion, was when everyone came home from bowling the two little ones (Jorden and Zenah) came back to the bedroom where I was resting to tell me about it and check on me.  Kind of like what family people do that care about you.  That has left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

The other reason is I have a lot on my mind and thoughts just aren’t flowing as freely.  I watched a cute movie yesterday about writing.  Now I forget the name.  It didn’t get very high ratings…well wait, I’m going to have to look it up.  Hold on..ahh, The Rewrite.  That’s it.

Anyway, it was a cute story about how you can “learn” to write better.  Actually that wasn’t the lesson of the story but it did have some good tips.  I sort of thought it was Kismet that I watched it as it was advertised as an ex Hollywood screenwriter becoming a boozing insulting faculty member. I wasn’t expecting a lesson in writing.  Just a flashback of sorts. 🙂

Do you ever find that when there’s a lull or down time or you have a problem that you read an article or see a movie or something happens that addresses this problem?  I haven’t been thinking of writing these days, mostly thinking of getting foreign matter out of my lungs, but then I saw the movie and wondered if I need to get back on track.  I might even watch it again.

I also missed all my hospice appointments this week.  I didn’t think they would appreciate me sharing.  You know, like the woman in the movies should have been thinking, so I’m feeling behind there too.

And of course the never-ending quest for an income.  Now I’m thinking “go big, or go home”..meaning to stay away from the receptionist job and focus on getting a real job. Not that I’m really going home, maybe I should say “go big or STAY home.” It all just makes me want to keep my head under the covers, on top of being sick under the covers, well the blog just doesn’t make the top of the list. Oh and one more thing, I weighed myself yesterday.  So those are my excuses? You buying it?  You should.  The whole weighing myself is really all I needed to say.

So inspiration is not flowing.  But when I feel more myself maybe I’ll get back on top of my game and come up with some entertaining blogs.





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