the 11s

Have you heard the expression about the elevens?  Like quit thinking so hard “you’re getting the elevens”? I never heard the expression until Janice moved back to town. But I sure get it now.

I am finding my brow quite furrowed this week and my face frequently in that shape creating the elevens, then comes the hand that starts rubbing the forehead.  The hand probably knows that it needs to keep the elevens from forming so it instinctively knows to go up there and straighten them out… or “your face will stay that way.”

I typically find my face this way when there is an issue in my life that I have NO idea how to process and so I think about it, and think about it, and think about it and you know what?  I doesn’t help at all.

Today I was reminded that “throughout your life journey, there will be many challenges.  It is often through adversity that you can make the greatest progress.  What may seem like very difficult situations to you can result in immeasurable wisdom and good fortune…”  (Thank you Judy for the Goddess card wisdom)

I was attempting to impart this wisdom to Jimmy today in regards to finances.  I was telling him that it can be very rewarding to learn that you CAN live within your financial means and don’t have to use credit cards.  And it is! I remember that last week before payday at PPU when I had $5 and wondered how I would get through the week, but then I did and well it’s kinda cool.  When Phil says “we have no money”  I just laugh and say you have noooo idea.  I’m the queen of no money.  My point being, for Jimmy, and for myself, that difficulty doesn’t always equal failure.  Quite the opposite sometimes. In the zombie apocalypse when money is no good I’m going to shine!! And as for Jimmy, anyone who knows him knows he will be fine.  Probably a millionaire before 30.

This time my elevens are not financially related.  Not that I don’t think about that issue ad nauseam as well, but it doesn’t usually cause elevens. Elevens are usually caused by things waayyy beyond my control.  I unfortunately still think that “I” can figure out my finances…hmmm..hmmmm. I might be onto something here.

Anyway, I think what I need to do with my elevens is let it go.  I have realized that there are certain things in life that I will never be able to figure out how to process or what to do with so I, today, this week, understand the true meaning of letting it go.  Just forget about it and see what happens next. Time will tell and all those other clichés are making sense.  Let it go, time will tell and leave it up to God. I look forward to gaining immeasurable wisdom and good fortune just like the saying says.  I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, we’re going to go to the casino.  That’s what I’m talking about..

Have a good weekend, may God and lady luck shine upon all of you,


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