I’m too busy!!  What happened to those Lyming days huh? It didn’t take me too long to develop my “own” life.  There’s enough hospice volunteer stuff to do that I can’t possibly do them all.  I don’t have that many patients but they sure do have a lot of meetings.  I have two meetings tomorrow that I “want” to go to.  Then one on Friday that I “should” go to and then several next week.  So now I have to make time for me.  What a tangled web we weave, right?

I walked today, first time in weeks that it hasn’t been raining or cloudy.  That sun was blaring down on me.  I’m not complaining.  Just stating facts.  There also was no breeze, absolutely still.  But I got in a couple of miles then over to Lori’s for breakfast.  Her place is beautiful.  She did a little rehab, well a “big” rehab really and it’s just lovely.  Hard to believe it’s the same place.  She cooked a very healthy breakfast.  Delicious.

I know, this is just a diary-day.  No time for inspiration or any aha moments to share.  Just running around kinda day.  I need to leave to go play cards with my old lady.  Then home to make dinner.  I think we have a full house tonight.  Maybe minus 1.  Anyway, spaghetti is on the docket.  I’m getting pretty good at this meal planning stuff.  Not great at proportions yet.  I either make too much or not enough and we’re very bad at eating leftovers.

Tomorrow I need to go to the high school and get a locker for the girl (she’s still away), then to a Reiki meeting, then free for lunch (boyfriend maybe?) then another meeting from 2-3, then I have to go back to the hairdresser for her to fix my hair.  Not quite short enough.  Pretty soon I’ll just ask her to shave it.  Wonder if I’d still have a boyfriend after that?  So my point being probably no update tomorrow.

I’m flying up next week on Allegiant.  Everyone start saying prayers now that I make it up and back in one piece.  I don’t think it’s my time to go on, but you never know.



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