One thing I want to do when we move into the “new” house (yes, living in my head again) is catalog all the books we have.  There are bins of books in the shed that haven’t been unpacked.  I personally have given so many books away after all my moves and now I find myself ordering those same books again.  I also have a feeling there are copies of the books that I’m looking for out in the shed in Phil’s bins. I just ordered Zenah Tuesday’s with Morrie from Amazon.  I KNOW that book is out there in a bin.  You know, those same bins that I complained about when I moved here?  Well, WHEN we move into the house one thing we’re going to have to have is a lot of bookshelves, then I’m going to catalog by textbooks, self help, medical stuff, novels, I can’t wait to do it. Why do we have textbooks? Good question, but you never know when the Zombie apocalypse happens, or worse yet the grid shuts down and there’s no more Google, well you never know what we might need to look up in those textbooks.

So I’ve just reordered a book for this workshop I’m taking.  The book is called The Four Agreements. I know I’ve read it.  Well I think I read it.  In a few of these workshops I take (thru Hospice) they’ve talked about this life changing book called An Untethered Soul; life changing they say.  So I decided to order that too.  When I looked at the book I remembered I already read it.  Life changing?  I know I liked it a lot and I passed it onto Zachary.  Wonder if he ever read it?  But here’s the thing, I have read sooo many books like that and when I read them I suck them all up.  I mean I turn those pages and absorb all that info like I am a sponge sucking the life out of water. Afterwards?  I can’t even remember I read them.  What does that mean?  Or I guess in this case I do remember I read it but nothing really sticks with me.  I remember when A Course in Miracles came out.  Jimmy was just born. It’s a big book that’s like an alternative bible.  I read it cover to cover. Couldn’t put it down. Loved it.  Do I remember much from it?  Maybe two lines. Now I’m not sure if I’ve absorbed the info into my being and it’s okay or if really my mind is like a sieve and what the heck is going on with me.

Lots of books resonate with me at different times.  Like right now I’m reading a book (one of many) but this particular book is called Shamanism for Beginners (in addition to Middlemarch).  About 6 months ago I had to have the book, don’t know why, just saw it and had to have it. Then I never touched it until the other day, and now can’t put it down.  The Four Agreements workshop talks a lot about Shamanism so maybe I intuitively knew that I would be making some connections.

Or maybe I’m just crazy.

Well, bottom line is I am a voracious reader of self-help type books, and then can’t remember a one of them. I wonder if there’s a self-help book for that!

Off to yoga,



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  1. I have this same problem with books! We’ve started building shelves for all of them in a room of our “sort of” new house. It’s been two years since we moved in. We have 3 book shelves built… still have books in boxes in the “library”, books in the garage, books still hidden at my mothers from not having room in our old house… We have books on just about everything you can think of! My excuse for not letting go… When the internet goes out, someone is going to need access to this information, and we’re all going to need the entertainment!!! Duh! Thankfully, my husband agrees. 🙂

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