Well here I am with time on my hands.  It’s 11:30 as I sit to write this and I don’t have to be at yoga until 12:30.  Might as well blog eh?  While I still have the time.

I’m happy to report that I’m already feeling better about things, i.e. w.o.r.k.  One of my better traits is that I’m able to turn stuff around rather quickly…usually.  You know like I can “hate” something one minute…usually lasts a day…and then you know the next day I “love” it, or at least I’m over it.  Some people are able to get past something quicker, some longer, I’m like a “day” person.

So with my day, yesterday, after blogging and sitting with this new/old me thing (i.e. w.o.r.k.) I started to come to terms with it and now almost…almost….looking forward to it.  Looking forward to it might take another day or 5.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I really do have the best boyfriend ever.  I mean don’t get me wrong he REALLY has the best girlfriend ever…which he says I never let him forget.  So we really do deserve each other.  So listen to this, last night he comes home and said he had no idea that I didn’t really want this job and to call first thing in the morning and tell them no thank you. How great is he?  and of course I said NO!! I WANT THE JOB!  You know, just to keep him really guessing as to my true personality, because heaven forbid either one of us really figure “me” out. I think it’s all going to work out with the school thing because we can actually car pool together when needed and “we” meaning “he” can get Tashah all legal and then she can pick up the kids after school and do the running around that’s needed.  I mean after all she does live her, she can help, right?  Kids…  So now I’m like all about it.  I know CRAZY.

As for the Reiki, we’ll just have to figure it out.  And I will.  I told my card playing hospice person about the job.  She’s very supportive and I’ll just stop by after work and do our visit then.  Here’s an update on this situation though.  You know how I act like I’ve got this hospice thing? Well, my card friend, Norma (not her real name), all the sudden she’s not feeling so well and the illness that is causing her demise is setting in.  And here’s me with this huge lump in my throat thinking, “what do you mean?  You’re fine, you’re not dying, don’t die on me” and well really she IS dying. And I don’t think I’m prepared.  I’m “acting” okay in front of her but behind her back I’m not doing so hot.  I’ve gotten attached.  Every week we play Rummikub and Sequence.  I’ve bought those games now for our family and we play them here at home.  In Sequence Norma is always the blue chips, so at home I’m always the blue chips and I think of her.  In this short time she’s made an impact on me and my family, bringing us closer together with these games.  I think one of the lessons I’m seeing is that even in the last days, weeks, minutes of our lives we can have a lasting impact on someone. I’ve got to tell her that next week.  Wonder if I can do it without crying.  She’s starting to sleep alot but when I visit she is dressed and ready to play our games.  I’m going to miss her.  Alot.  But this is the nature of it.  I think I originally thought I’d just be sitting with people who were like days/moments away from dying and not get attached.  See what God does to me?  Always throwing me for a loopy.  I love this work though.  Truly I do.  Just not sure who helps who here.  I want Philip to get into it too.  They have music therapy volunteers.  He could play guitar for people.  They would love that!!  I’ll keep working on him.

I have 4 more minutes until I can check into my flight for tomorrow.  Did I tell you about this?  Allegiant Air?  I sent them an email saying how disappointed I am that they are not being the “pearl” in the industry and instead being a “thorn” (this after seeing on the news three emergency landings) and expressing concern over my flight up north this weekend. Just generally being a PIA to them, but in the long run hoping they collect enough complaints that they actually fix the planes before they crash and go bankrupt.  Anyway, they wrote back and said that they would refund my ticket this one time but I said NO, I’m going (but I did check Southwest first to see if the prices were comparable) – I said I don’t “think” it’s my time to go yet and I’ll just take my chances.  I hope they didn’t cancel me just to be assholes.  We’ll see.  But really Allegiant Air could be such a God send for me and my trips up north.  If only they can get their act together.

And now it’s 11:47.  Fifteen minutes to type all this.  But it seems kind of long so I’m going to sign off and look for a couple of pictures to attach.  I hope you’re all having a wonderful day.  I probably won’t be blogging until my return next week, when I will have two more days of freedom…two more days of blogging, (really Phil I DO want this job…I do…i just don’t want to have to “go” to it)





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