So far this is what I’m doing with my last day off:

I went to an advanced yoga class.  I really like my gentle yoga better.  I found out there is a yoga class at the YMCA every night – so that hurdle has been addressed.

I got a letter on August 9 from Humana saying my health care coverage was cancelled for non-payment of premium.  I got a letter on August 12 from the appeals center saying my health care appeal has been approved retroactively back to May 1 (which will cover all the premium’s that were charged from May on).  I got a book in the mail yesterday from Humana about my amended policy as of May 1.  Mixed messages you say? So guess what I did with most of my morning; 45 minutes on the phone with Humana, I’m still cancelled; 20 minutes on hold with the appeals center and then finally another 10 minutes with a person saying now that they know I am satisfied with the appeals outcome they will get the process going to let the marketplace and Humana know that it’s retroactive.  But they can’t tell me whether I have coverage at this exact moment or not and I may want to call the Marketplace and ask them if I have coverage or see if I want new coverage.  Which you know is so convenient since I already have a doctor that I like.  Sheeshalouise.   Do I really want to spend another hour out of my life on the phone or do I want to float in the pool?  But after today I won’t have hours to sit on the phone.

I finally got the nerve up and called the dentist for “one” of my teeth to be fixed.  They have no evening or weekend hours and as everyone everywhere knows, I start a job on Monday.  I put the appointment off so I can at least get through my first week without having to ask for time off.  Little did I know the dentist was only in Wednesdays and Thursdays.   I also told them I left a couple of messages with the answering service.  She said they “never” get those messages, to which I replied “I wonder why you have a service if you don’t get the messages” ..her response “yea, right?”  I mean, is it me Lucille?

The kids are fighting over doing laundry today.  I know this is typical and ordinary sibling teenage behavior, maybe not typical that Jorden is doing his own laundry, but I mean the fighting over stupid stupid stuff.   Their father must have had a “come to Jesus” talk with them while I was away.  There was a clean bathroom (upstairs),  clean bedrooms, dishes are being done…Zenah even cooked dinner last night.  I mean it’s a little slice of heaven.  And now today Jorden is obsessing over getting his laundry done.  I checked the wash machine after he put in his clothes and said it was a little full and took out a sweatshirt he told me he doesn’t want the sweatshirt anyway and to throw it out.  I can’t tell if he really wants to throw it out or if since it didn’t fit in the wash machine that he thinks the solution is to throw it out as opposed to washing it in another load. I really do need to write some of this stuff down. One day, a while ago, Zenah and I were talking about her getting a car whether she’d get a new car, blah blah, and I said who knows what will happen in 6-8 months,  we could win the lottery, I could move, let’s just wait and see.  To which she responded…”wait, if you move will you take your car?”  HA!  Kids.

Last night we had a “Sewickley” gathering in St. Petersburg.  We love it in downtown St. Petersburg. Another old old friend (from 8th grade) lives here now so another old homey to hang out with.  Phil is very tolerant of our Sewickley talk.  We were all cracking up last night at various past antics. Minta was in tears laughing so hard.  It was fun.  They want to bike ride.  Where are the friends that want to just lay on the beach?

Sewickley South

I wish I had some wonderful insight here on my last day off but I really don’t.  I need to figure out the health care, stock up on Advil for my tooth to last me two more weeks, Zenah wants to go apply for a job, I should do something nice for lunch for these kids.  I mean I got no time to reflect. Maybe that’s because I’m secretly hoping that this is temporary and I’ll be back to my daytime routine sooner than later.  Maybe because I’ll start crying again when I think about having to get up and get out of the house every day by 7:15, which I’ve NEVER done, maybe it’s just so normal for me to work that it doesn’t seem to be any different, maybe I’m relieved to get outta here and do something else (other than breakup fights over laundry and run errands)..I just don’t know.  Not that I won’t cry today (because we should all know by now that I am a cry baby) but I’m also ready to work.

In the meantime, before I run around with whatever it is I have to do today I think I’m going to float.  That pool is calling my name.  I’ll reflect and get sunburned at the same time.

Everyone send me good thoughts next week.  Especially wake up thoughts because that’s the part that scares me the most.  Waking up on time. I wonder how long it’ll take for me to convince them that 9-5 is just as good as 8-5.  And when I say 9-5 I really mean 9:15 to 9:30. Hey maybe I’ll get in there and change the whole culture.  I could do it!!

Have a good weekend,


4 Thoughts on “This is it…

  1. Ja Nelly on August 21, 2015 at 1:37 pm said:

    Oh Lynny,
    YOU can do it!!! I know you can!! Set your alarm, you will be just fine!!! 🙂

  2. Setting the alarm is the easy part. Getting out of the bed is so hard. And the snooze button doesn’t help. But you can do it Lynne! I know you can. Have you selected your first day outfit/accessories? I know you have. How many times has it changed?

    • Actually Di I have not settled on an outfit, although I’m leaning towards the linen pants look. Quite Floridian and all. Maybe some pearls. Not sure about the shoes. We’ll see. Maybe Phil will take a picture of me “First day to work” picture.

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