sleeping on the job

Not bad.   I got through the day relatively easy and although I was a little tired at the end of the day it wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating.  Also I can come to work anytime between 8-9.  How about that?  We only get 1/2 hour for lunch – or I guess if I wanted an hour I’d just have to make it up somewhere.  There’s no cafe on sight so I’ll be bringing my lunch.  That’s not a bad thing. The commute is also not bad.  About 35 minutes.  Parking is free and today I parked right outside the office door. The offices are all in individual buildings; it’s a campus.  To walk to anywhere you go outside – covered walkways, but still outside. One of the perks of living in Florida.

The position itself reminds me of the HR front desk position except then I was learning a lot about HR and academia at Point Park.  This department is mostly event logistics. Keeping track of everyone’s training.  I’m probably going to get into booking meeting space, and making travel arrangements for people.  So nothing new there to learn.  Good for them. Might be a little boring for me.  But there are new computer systems to learn and new people to meet.  Everyone so far is very very nice.

That’s about it.  Got home by 5:30 which is not bad.  I don’t know whether I should take a nap or power through and start dinner.  I started the dinner last night, yay me, marinading chicken for shish kabob tonight.  I’ve got this..

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5 Thoughts on “Day 1…back to the grind

  1. scott monahan on August 24, 2015 at 6:27 pm said:

    yea sissy! amen!

  2. Debbie Monahan on August 24, 2015 at 9:05 pm said:

    Awesome! I’ve been keeping up with the blog and am happy for you. A new routine to get used to. You can do this.

    • Debbie!!! I’ve been missing you! I assumed you were overloaded with that new grandbaby. She’s adorable. Thank you for the encouragement. Kinda like riding a bike. I’ll get used to it!

  3. Ja Nelly on August 25, 2015 at 8:30 am said:

    Yay Lynny!!!
    You can do it! There is freedom in your own paycheck! Woot! Woot!! 🙂

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