Today I’m falling asleep.  Literally nodding off.  Marta, my new work bff, tells me it’s from sugar.  I had a mini cupcake after lunch and then HR held an event that had food leftover.  I should have gotten a piece of chicken but instead opted for the delicious Tiramisu.  It was good. But starting tomorrow, protein for snacks only.  I’m packing chicken. Marta doesn’t want to give me too much work to do.  I think that’s a mistake.  I need to stay busy or thus the nodding off.   Oh well, this blog update has to keep me going for one more hour.

So today we had Audubon day outside our back office door.  A mother duck and her chicks…


And then this beast of a bird called a Wood Stork.


One of my office mates said they are aggressive and she was chased by one.  Creepy.  I think the Wood Stork was after the duck babies.  See how they are huddled behind their mom.


Someone in my office went and chased the Wood Stork away.  They are very brave here in Florida.  Apparently Marta has been bringing food in to feed the ducks so the mama duck must have been up here looking for food.   I think everyone in this office is a native Floridian.  They are more used to this wildlife than I am. And believe it or not they don’t really care about my cold winter stories OR the Steelers.

I attempted to do something on my own today, work wise, and Marta informed me it was the totally wrong way to do it.  I’m despondent.  Okay not despondent but I really thought I was going to do my first independent task.  Not. She leaves early so said she’d show me tomorrow.  I’m also trying to do some online trainings for myself.  I’m learning about Alzheimers.  Interesting subject for anyone with an old person in their life.  But not especially riveting enough to keep my eyes open.  I’ve tried going for a walk or two.  The walks are lovely because…wait for it…I live in Florida!!  Not being a fan of air conditioning, although understanding it is a necessity and wouldn’t live without it, the walks, heat and sun feel good.  Again though not particularly eye-opening because it’s hot!  Phil suggested I stab myself with a push-pin.  He’s a helper.

Dinner was delicious last night and then I ended the evening with making cookies, to celebrate the first day of school.  It was a little bit too long of a night so tonight is Taco Tuesday OUT.  🙂  The kids had a good first day and today they made it home as well.  So the world has not come to an end in my two days of working.  Jorden was surprised however that I have to work every day.  And then of course immediately pointed out that it wasn’t fair being home for Zenah last year and not for him this year.   It’s more about being taken out for lunch after school than being home.  The year is not over. I bet there is a lunch or two in his freshman year future.

I looked online today at the job openings here at Hospice and this job that I’m temping in is actually advertised as part-time.  What?  I’m not sure if there is a disconnect with HR and the posting being wrong OR there is a part-time job opportunity in this office.  If I knew for sure it was part-time I’d apply today.  But I shall wait awhile until I can do a couple of tasks independently at least, and get a few full-time pay checks, maybe a month or so, then approach the part-time question.  Maybe if they love me enough they’ll let me go part-time.  I don’t know, we’ll see.  I don’t hate it.  I don’t hate it at all.  But if I’m not going to be busy I might as well float. Right? OR take Jorden to McDonalds.

And now it’s 4:22.  There is nothing WORSE than clock watching.  Maybe I’ll set the clock on the wall ahead 10 minutes.  That’ll shave some time off the day.

Adios for now,




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