Day 3 and I can’t believe I’m saying this…..I like my job.  I know I know…

But it’s only Day 3.  I helped two whole people on my own today.  Maybe even 3 people.  I was busy until about 3:30 which is better than yesterday when things came to a halt around noon.  I’m getting more acquainted with what I will be doing and now can tell that I will be busier.  It’s kind of a cool combination of meeting planning, and the curriculum and instruction training I’ve had.  I’m not really doing anything…yet…with the curriculum and instruction but lots of curriculum outline forms coming my way.  The same forms I had to fill out for my classes.  I wonder if big Joe (Lachowicz) would approve these.  He was pretty hard on me.

I don’t want to make PPU friends jealous but I was having a lot of IT issues today, getting the correct permissions and other issues.  I think I’m throwing them for a little loop because I’m in here as a volunteer and now my status is employee, but really I’m a temp, but I’m supposed to have a lot of permissions even though I’m a temp.  But here’s the thing…they called me back like right away and fixed all the issues.  Can you believe it?  A little slice of heaven.

Oh and my former status of weather girl?  Well, get this.  There is a real weather girl here.  We got an official email today about the possible hurricane next week.  It’s very detailed with lots of instructions.  I wanted to tell her that I too can be the weather girl, but I think it’s an official position here.  So we have to keep our eye on the hurricane.  Personally I’m hoping for a couple of days off, without damage.  You know like a false alarm; better safe than sorry thing.  Marta, my new work bff, said she’s been through a hurricane as a child in Cuba (I know cool huh?) but she never wants to go through another hurricane.  I guess the bottom line is they really aren’t fun, so I really don’t want one, just the days off.

The highlight of my day today was that I got to feed the ducks.  Marta brought in duck food, apparently she does this everyday and so the ducks wait for her when she gets here in the a.m. and then come back after lunch.  So I went out and fed the momma and the babies.  The momma was a little snarky with me so I just kept throwing food at her.  Those baby ducks sure are cute though.  People have been counting every day to see if she’s lost any.  Kinda morbid but the good news is she still has 10 babies.

My commute is really good these past few days.  Last night I was home in 23 minutes. Phil and I sort of raced to work today.  No one was speeding (or was he?) because he has to go further than me and we got to work at the same time.  Logistically he should get to work about 10-15 minutes after me.  Hmmm, so either he was speeding OR his way is a lot shorter.  Either way I’ll try his way tomorrow.

I’m going to stop and see my old lady tonight on the way home.  And maybe next week I’ll see if I can add-on and do a Reiki night after my visit.  The only time I get a little teary (remember cry baby) is when I see something related to Reiki training and can’t go because I have to work.  OH OH and guess what, as I was being shown today about how to reserve meeting space I noticed a yoga class at 5:00 – here – on site.  So how cool would that be?  Yoga right after work.  The Yoga classes at the YMCA are 7:30.  That’s a tough time.  You really can’t eat a whole dinner before yoga so I’m not sure how to do that, but 5:00, here, that would just be a dream come true.  And maybe the Reiki thing will figure itself out.  My instructor works here full time too and she manages (although that is a function of her job), but I’m hopeful that it’s all going to work out.

So there are a lot of things going well.  I’ll still wait and see how much vacation time they get as full-time before throwing my hat into the ring.  That will be the clincher.  I need time for my mother and my Pittsburgh kids and what about the spring when people come to visit?  Plus I don’t know how long I have to work as temp anyway.  But so far so good.

And if I get to write a blog every day well that’s the icing is it not?



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