I had no idea the Cone of Uncertainty is a thing.   Apparently Hurricane Erica is in the “Cone of Uncertainty”.  I think I’m going to use that again and again.  i.e. “do you like your job” answer:  “jury’s out, it’s still in the cone of uncertainty”  question:  are you going to have that hot fudge sundae for dessert?  Answer:  it’s still in the cone of uncertainty.  Perhaps the response will become CoU for short.

Also seen on the weather channel…Can you get high by second-hand marijuana smoke?  This question is pertinent because there are wild fires in California burning fields of marijuana plants.  This burning question (get it?) is not in the Cone of Uncertainty…the answer, according to the weather channel, is no.  I beg to differ.  I’d probably go sit close and do some research.  Especially today.

Why today?  I have a pounding headache.  My neck is killing me and my head is killing me.  I ended up drinking a Pepsi (not diet Judy, I hope you’re proud).  I was hoping the caffeine might help the headache.  I believe the caffeine did help the headache, but the neck pain is not going away.  Is this caused by sitting at a desk for 4 days , 8 hours a day, slumped over a computer, after not doing this for over a year?  I believe the answer is in the Cone of Uncertainty.  stay tuned…



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