Made it through week one!!.  I must say that each day got better and better and now I’m actually thinking of applying full time.  I need to figure out the Paid Time Off (PTO) thing.  It’s unclear how it works.  Someone here told me that they are NEVER closed and although there is Paid Time Off if you take a holiday it counts as PTO.  So it might sound like a lot of days but if you have to use it to take Christmas and Thanksgiving off then it’s really not alot of time and well I need my boys/mom time.  If it’s too restrictive then I’ll probably keep trying to figure out a part time option.  As some of you predicted I am liking this working thing.  Oh and get this, most days this week I was up and made breakfast for myself.  I also packed lunch (except for today).  Could it be the new me?  Will I be exercising next?

I was in charge of the ducks today.  She still has all 10 babies.  I took pictures to show how fast they are growing.  They are bigger every day.


I think this was Tuesday


see how big?


Can’t wait to see the difference after the weekend.  The mom comes right up to the door with those babies and is kinda bossy about getting her food.  She’s a good mom.

The storm and the Cone of Uncertainty is getting higher up on the danger list.  Still in the wait-and- see stage and most people are pretty nonchalant about it but it still is a concern.  I believe the expectation is that it will pass us, probably inland to the east, on Monday…ish…possibly causing a day off.  Possibly.  One of those “if you don’t feel safe stay home” things.  It’s rumbling thunder now too.  Afternoon storms are kind of expected around here this time of year. Zenah thinks once it starts raining it won’t stop.

Last night was open house.  Both Phil and I came from schools that were one building.  His was probably bigger, but the most I ever had to do in highschool was go from the ground floor to the third floor.  Check out their campus map:


they not only go to other floors – they go to other buildings all over the place…ALLL over the place

Nobody at this school should be overweight.  I was exhausted and limping by the end of the night.  I followed Zenah’s schedule and Phil followed the boy’s.  What a school though.  It’s huge. And I did see a couple of people I knew.  Dolly was there who I volunteered with last year and I recognized someone else who I worked with at the middle school last year.  One of the people I work with now was there too but I didn’t see her.  My how things have changed in a year.  Two kids in the high school.  Another kid living with us. A new building at the school.  Friends and a job.  What’s next?  A house on the beach maybe?

In sad news my other old lady died this morning.  Wasn’t expecting that.  With both of them I was expecting a decline, some visits where I was bedside holding hands and then a peaceful goodbye…but noooo, they both decided to do it their own way.  I am sadder than expected, mostly because they were weekly visits and both very alert and conversant so there is a void.  I arranged for weekly visits now to the Care Center where I can offer Reiki.  Those people typically have days to live so no attachment…probably…no talking either.  But I did say I would take on another talkative patient to visit.

And now it’s time to go home for the weekend.  My first weekend as a working girl in Florida.  It wasn’t bad, wasn’t bad at all.  Getting paid will be pretty nice too.  I think that’s next weekend. But for now I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!!

Have a nice weekend,



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  1. Congratulations on the new job. So happy you’re enjoying it. Hope the Cone of Uncertainty will allow us to party in Tarpon Springs Saturday!

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